Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stay of Execution

That's what this feels like. It was a grueling rehearsal last night and I couldn't figure out how to juggle a day's worth of oboe students, practice for tonight's rehearsal, and of course, the inevitable reedmaking. Then this!!! Wow, did the forecasters really miss this one. HA! There is a God. I know all of you up north are laughing your as#@s off, but have you ever tried to drive on ice with TEXANS? It isn't pretty. It is, however, funny...if you are not actually on the roadway. While I was in college in Colorado people would actually stay a safe distance from me when they saw my license plate. At least I hope it was my license and not my driving...hmmm....I will pretend it was my license plate. Anyway, rehearsal is cancelled as well as anything else fun. Looks like I got my reprieve.

So, think these are medieval instruments? Check these out!

These are my Ross gougers. The brass is a newer one and the aluminum is an older but better gouger. I use them to turn this

into this.

...well...eventually. Anonymous...does your brother still play? What a horrendous thing to happen. Ugh! I have had some accidents, but none so bad. I was once teaching a little 10 year old boy for the first time and I started making reeds right before he and his dad arrived. As they arrived I sliced through my thumb with my razor knife. I think I hit an artery and almost bled out before his lesson was over. Looked like a murder scene even with me trying to pretend it wasn't happening. I was shocked when he actually came back the next week....."Look little boy. Look what you have to look forward to for the rest of your life. That trumpet looks pretty good now, doesn't it?"

I am starting another Birch shawl since I gave my black one away. This one is a very light shade of pink and I am adding beads as I go. What do you think? I tried smaller, but it just didn't work for me.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In panic mode.....

Why is it that making these takes years off of my life? Surely the fact that I am such a procrastinator has nothing to do with it.....and not much to do this past Sunday..and Monday except a little teaching. Damn procrastination. Damn these pieces! Have you heard Rachmaninow's (yes I know it isn't the Americanized spelling) Symphonie in e minor? The third movement is just glorious...the rest of the piece is brutal. I am going to die tonight. Of my own accord or having a baton stuck in my eye? Which, I am not sure of yet.

A drawer full of sharpening stones, ceramic sticks.....knives......I WANTED to play flute. That was my first choice. Damn band director. I was tricked into the oboe, you see. "Well...only smart kids can play oboe" he said. I fell for it...proving, of course, that I WASN'T!!! Apparently, I am still not. ;0) Gotta go practice.......

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice, ice, baby????

What a lame ass ice storm! We had all gotten ready for an evening of freezing rain, slick streets....and whatever else Mother Nature could throw at us......this morning I crawled out of bed to the coffee pot and to the that see what she had left. Nada. Oh, sure, the newscasters made it look horrendous. It's their job. And they almost had me for awhile until the coffee began to work it's magic. I don't see clearly until at least my second cup. And I suppose it may have been worse before noon........

Thanks for the comments and emails, you guys! It WAS a fun show. And now I am sure that everyone else on the planet already knows of them...or at least all of you freaks do. ;0) I think this next weekend will be a great concert as well. We have a conducting symposium on Sunday after the concert and we will be playing some wonderful chamber music there. Dvorak Wind Serenade. It's one of my favorite pieces to play. Anyone know it? It has fantastic oboe parts. Then later in the month we are playing Pictures at an Exhibition and Peter and the Wolf for a family concert.

Hey, Carrie! It's Zephyr. I got the Peacock color, of course, and I also snagged some sage. They are both gorgeous and I think I will enjoy working with them....when I get around to it. And there was some more Kidsilk that I failed to admit to. Pink. Just wanna come clean here.

Tigers....c'mon...chocolate? What are you thinking??? There are things to give up and there are things...well, look, chocolate is just not an option. I know what the Cadbury chocolate factories are like down there in Oz, remember? I filled my M.C. Hammer pants pockets full with it during a tour.......Oh, God! Did I just say that out loud? Do you think there's a Statute of Limitations on chocolate theivery? You're setting yourself up, girl!!! So, I hear the bush fires are getting pretty ugly this summer. Is Adelaide dodging them so far? God, I miss that city. I really do.......hope you are safe and sound. The hats are just a skein of Noro each. Really simple and fast. The pink is for one of my oboe colleagues I played with this weekend.

Here is a little link my buddy sent me today. I'm looking at the fuschia myself......

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where the hell.......

have I been? I know that's what you are thinking. Once November hit, I dropped out of site...get it? Ok, anyhow. Still on the busy symphony schedule these days, but GUESS WHO I PLAYED WITH THIS WEEKEND?????? I will give you a hint...Love Potion # 9. Got it? Another one? Henry the VIII. No not the sweater...the SONG! God, you knitters have one track minds. Well, the Divas of the Las Colinas Orchestra heh heh

....remember us? played with HERMAN'S HERMITS this weekend. It was such an amazing time. I think many of you will know who they are...I must admit, I didn't really have much of a clue. I'd heard the name, heard the songs...but didn't make the addition to put the two together. I never was good at math. And considering that I was probably conceived to one of their songs in the 60' can't really blame me for not knowing EXACTLY who they are, can you. ;0) Peter Noone is truly a great performer. He had the crowd going strong last night and there was a definite electricity in the air. The hall was full of middle age ladies known as Noonatics. heh heh I just found that out. There were actually many men and lots of younger people as well....but the vast know. The show was supposed to be sold out, but unfortunately, due to the forcasted ice storm many people ended up opting to stay off of the roads. Too bad, their loss. Chris Pati of N.Y., where most of the band is based, has recently written arrangements to many of the Herman's Hermits hits and he conducted us as well. He was such a dynamo and obviously had a blast at the concerts. Not sure if this was his first symphony gig with them, but great job Chris! We loved ya! And by the way...where's my damn umbrella? ;0) heh heh Have safe travels on to your next gigs, guys! Too bad I didn't get some pics with you. Go and check out his site if ya get a minute.

Next week I am on to Tyler to play principal with the East Texas Symphony for the weekend. Our conductor, Per Brevig, flies in from New York where he teaches at Julliard and Mannes. He was principal trombone with the NY Met for many years and he is an unbelievable musician and maestro. I have learned so much from being under his baton these last few years. Dallas and the surrounding areas are still a great place for a musician to still make a living...however meager....being a musician. Yeah, we all teach a bazillion lessons and work ridiculous hours...but it is part of the gig. The travel is fun. And I wouldn't trade least not today.

Ok, on to knitting content. I am so out of the Knit From your Stash-along it isn't even funny. I was was out the first week of the year. I have no self control....but haven't we already established that long ago? So here are a few pics of some finished things...small things...some ongoing projects, and some stash and things I couldn't live without. Oh yeah.

And I will leave you with a few pictures of the hood wrapped in ice. It's really very pretty and as long as I have a fire in the fireplace....all is well.