Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Pictures!

 So yes, it's a miracle. I am adding a post before another year has gone by. hahahaha

 I wanted to add some more finishes of the past year. I had to beg and plead with my camera to finally let go of these. We are having a little trouble and I think after ummmmmm….8 years or so I need a new camera. I am not even going to tell you how miserably few megapixels there are on this one. hahahaha  Ok. 5.!!! FIVE!  that is ancient. Like me. hahah

  So here are some more finishes from this year.

  Fire Island Hosta by Eileen U. It was hard not to run away with this one. V likes it because of the German colors, of course. This was so much fun to quilt. Eileen gives me free rein to quilt as I please and I can hardly contain myself on her quilts.

Next up is another Fire Island Hosta by Deborah B. She also lets me run amuck so the result is more fun and some serious play. Whooohoooo! The quilts are similar but different. I hate to do the same quilt twice, but similar is ok with me. I like that they can be one of a kind.

Kim P's award winning Glacier Star. She chose really neat fabrics and fussy cut much of the quilt. Go Kim!!! 

Here is Connie's lovely Gene-Yes! again at the Dallas show with it's award. 

A lap sized quilt a client was giving to her sister. She cried when she picked it up, so of course, so did I. hahahaha Sheesh! 

  And I have some more to show you, but we will leave that for tomorrow or the next day. It is Saturday!  Get out there and have some fun today!!!!  xoxoxoxo


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Beautiful work, I love them all!

15/8/15 05:39  

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