Thursday, July 25, 2013


I have had this quilt on the machine for weeks. Most of the summer actually. I had visions of all of the quilts I could get done with the free time...yadda yadda. And here we are. Almost to the end and the same quilt on frame. I have had some progress in the center area (which I am not showing just yet)
but I am now in limbo. I have design ideas swirling around for outer areas and nothing is becoming cohesive enough to say "Yep. That's it". So I wait. And study...and sketch.....and study pictures.....of fillers...of other ideas......This seems to be a good lesson in design off of the machine, doesn't it? ha! How do you design? On or off? By the seat of your pants? Or well thought out?
I have been working on presents for two new moms to be. The blue needs a border and the pink now only needs a border, too. This pattern comes from the Borderline Quilter. She made this a while back and I completely fell in love with it right down to the quilting she did. If you look on her sidebar you will see her tutorial for it. It is the zig zag quilt. She is another APQS machine quilter. :0)

 Soooo...yeah. That's about where I'm at. Trying to hustle the last of the summer wine. And start my list of to-dos for the summer. HA! That'll happen.


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