Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime.......and the living is easy.

I have been sewing like crazy this summer. I guess it is what I usually end up doing as it is too hot here to do much else. It is only going to 100 today though, so we are having a bit of a springlike cool weather. My kingdom for some rain...... I finally finished the Bali Wedding Star top. Excuse the crappy picture. I can't get it all in without using a panorama app. ha! It is HUGE!!! this thing. I can't wait get it quilted to see what it looks like on the bed.
I also had some leftover fabric and made a bed runner for my bff. Awwww. Also not quilted...this will be a theme so I will stop repeating myself. It is my next big project. I am procrastinating getting it ready for quilting.
The main sewing I have done this summer so far is a UFO from a class I took with Jacqueline Dejonge last year in the fall. It is called Surprisingly Red. The original is much softer with a floral background. She is just brilliant with her designs and fabric choices which absolutely drew me in in the first place. Mine took on a different timbre with a bold set of batiks that screamed to be made into this quilt. She helped me pick the background when I was unhappy with some of the kit choices the host store provided. They were similar to the original but yet somehow not quite as congruous. I loved the paisley, though and kept it. Don't know why, but I just didn't feel most of the other choices, so we looked around. This was the result.
It is serendipitous that I put this away before I started the Bali. The Bali had so many curved pieces that it was great practice for the curves and circles on this Dejonge. I am not sure I would have gotten through the arcs and circles on this quilt without the practice of the Bali. It is funny how things work out. Thank you, Jacqueline!


Blogger Carrie K said...

Oh wow, those are all gorgeous! Isn't it interesting how often something we do is prep for something we do later?

And. Wow. Those are all so fantastically gorgeous.

29/6/12 15:01  
Blogger GrandmaSoucie said...

Incredible quilts!! I used to make tops all the time, but nothing as extravagant as yours! Incredible!!

17/9/12 16:04  
Blogger Marina said...

They're amazing. You're so talented in so many things. Don't think that's fair;-)

6/5/13 19:27  

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