Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Done with the top

So, we have one more class left in the Niemeyer Glacier Star class I have been taking. It has been a blast taking this class and learning better paper piecing techniques. In the past I have just tried to wing it. The results have been ok, but not something at which I'd like any other quilter to look too closely. heh BUT! I did learn a ton from winging it and now have a better understanding of the technique. "Oh, THAT"S what that add-a-quarter ruler is for....". I get it now. Now I am completely hooked on Niemeyer as well as several other designers I have researched a bit. Jacqueline Dejonge, Karen name a couple. Kaffe I have always been crazy over. I am finishing up the pennants quilt top, finally. It's only been on my design wall for over a year. I like to think of it as my Penance Quilt. My first paper piecing and boy did I commit some sins on this one. I think it's why I have left it so long...haha Well, that and the border wasn't working. I think it must have been my copies. Anyway, I have figured a new border after hours of sitting in front of it and moving blocks around. Now, just to sew a few seams and the top is finito. Pics? Yeah, well....the old memory stick isn't giving this one up and my camera batteries are dead for a few more to come in a bit. :0)


Blogger Anne said...


8/6/11 12:33  
Anonymous Carrie#K said...

That is just simply gorgeous!! Penance? Pfft.

8/6/11 17:02  
Blogger Knittinreed said...

LOVE it!!! Gorgeous!

20/6/11 20:46  

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