Monday, October 12, 2009

Surprise, Wollmeise!!!!

We visited family in Germany for three weeks this summer. One of the MUSTS on my list was of course, Wollmeise. It was overwhelming to walk into this little store brimming with gorgeous color and lots of happy knitters. I came home with lots of booty.

And booty.

But we won't talk about that...............

We visited Ulm. Remember this picture?

Here it is in summer.

In the city the party was on with Schwörmontag. It was a lot of fun to walk the streets and drink beer while people watching. What a cool city this is. Right on the Danube and tons of culture and history.



The Zugspitz! Good LORD it is TALL. We were hoping to hike it, but in contemplating my gracelessness and a hike over a glacier....we thought it best to ride the Zugspitzbahn.

Would you like to see how I got down a granite flight of stairs? Thus the need to stay away from hiking Germany's tallest mountain this trip. hahaha

And one of my favorite cities in Austria: Salzburg. It is such a wonderful city and a place that I feel right at home as a musician. It is a surreal feeling.

We also toured around quite a bit and did do some wonderful hiking. Saw some wonderful museums. I was able to study a knitting technique at one museum that I have been dying to learn...... I will refrain from revealing that one right now, but suffice to say that day trip was by far the most meaningful and magical for me on the entire trip. Stay posted.

I took about 600 pictures in all.....but I won't torture you with least not right now.

Finished objects......I think there have been a few since I last posted, but here is the most recent.


This is a test knit for Donna Druchunas for her book Ethnic Knitting Exploration. It is designed using her explanations of traditional techniques. I came away from this project with the confidence to design my own sweater. Pretty cool for someone who doesn't stray much beyond the written pattern.