Friday, March 06, 2009

What is that in my front yard???????

We got tagged last week by one of the local high school bands. Imagine my surprise at midnight pulling up to see these on my lawn......A DOZEN of them. The neighbors seriously thought we had put them out. Which just goes to show what they really think about us. hahhahahaa Oh yes....just you wait neighbors.....just

Wow, what a grueling three weeks it has been. The stretch finally concluded with a concert out in East Texas where we finished with Ravel's Bolero. A just end to three weeks of non-stop playing not to mention teaching. A cold front came in the day of the concert and threw all of the reed players for a loop while we rushed to make(double reeds) or find (single reeds) new reeds. Ugh. Not that I am complaining for real, mind you. It's just my way. I am working and happy about it! Tonight's line-up includes Beethoven 7 and some Ravel again. Here are a couple of shots from my seat in ET. In one month we will host Itzak Perlman. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????

Even in the midst of all this I have found a little time for knitting. A few years ago I fell in love with Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting designs. I started her Pink Puzzle black Kidsilk Haze......LOL and have started working on it again.

I also decided, against my better judgement, to start the Rosebud Shawl in Jamieson & Smith Cobweb weight. I may have possibly gone over the edge this time. This is on size 3mm needles and is unbelievably tiny 1 ply weight. I think the finished product will be gorgeous but will take quite a while. Months if not a year for me. Here are pics of the beginning and then a few rows to a final 1 repeat of the center.

UFOs? Plenty. Pics to follow in the next days. Promise. :0)

I did, however finish another Pirate hat, which I promptly gave away....again. I am such a softie when someone likes my knitting.