Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A day late and a dollar short

Or more. Here are a couple of pics I promised. Rheingold Sleeve #2.

sleeve #2

Season of Darkness and Winter Light Sleeve #2.

Sleeve #2

And here is the heel flap on the Latvian Sock. Isn't that pretty how it works out so symmetrically on the back? This color is a little better than the last shot, but still not right. Think pumpkin pie.

Latvian sock heel flap

And Brigitte, here is the shot for you. Probably not what you were expecting, but I thought it would be funny for you to see it.

high school pics

Monday, November 20, 2006

Time flies

in November. It seems like it was just Halloween and now..look at this. No post in two weeks! What is going on with that? Gotta make the money when you can, and this is high season for musicians. Knitting is just stolen time these days, but I have managed to get a little in here and there. :0) Lots of Christmas present knitting going on. And look at this! This is Platinum from Mama-E.
It is just as shiny and lovely as it looks on the monitor. It looks very much like my cat Mia who would NOT be photographed with it. I followed her around with a camera and handful of the fiber waiting for the right shot in just the right light......but she got tired of the Paparazzi action and lashed out-like any starlet would. No pictures...PLEASE! I was not the winner in that scuffle.

I have been doing a little sock knitting on the side as I can carry it from job to job easily. Here is my Bayerische

and Latvian socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. This is more of a pumpkin or paprika shade rather than the glaringly hunter-safety-orange that it looks like in this photo.

And for my Fair Isle friends.....more pictures to follow tomorrow. :0) I have a special one for you, Brigitte!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Post!!!

Can you believe it? I bet you thought I had disappeared, didn't you? At times I actually thought about doing just that....but..ahhh, well, I would just get busy there, too. My family says it is in my personality. I think they are correct. Thanks for still emailing and messaging me. :0) It makes the busy times easier to bear.

WHAT have I been busy with, you ask? Well, take a look.

I have been finishing Socks for Soldiers. I got them finished at 11:57 Halloween night and overnighted the next day. Whew! That was close. They had to be in Ohio on Thursday. I had decided that instead of just sending some socks along to the soldiers, I would use the Yarn Harlot's idea of taking pics with socks and make a sock-picture diary. That way the soldiers can see where their sock came from and who the socks met along the way. The response was fantastic and I was amazed at how much people wanted a chance to show the soldiers that they were thinking of them. I asked many complete strangers to take pictures with my socks and everyone was thrilled....except the fire department...which has some stupid rules about pictures and city property...but that's another story. Better luck next time, guys. Here are some of the pictures of the places and the people my socks went and met. See the B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) group? One of the ladies actually KISSED the sock when she found out where it was going. Is that love for our guys or what? They were fantastic. Thanks, B.A.C.A.!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!! :0)

Here are the albums all finished and just about ready to go along with the socks. The very BIG black socks.

the albums

Goodies for my soldiers.

goodies for my soldiers

Dalls a rush. :0) Notice I am not even at the heel yet...and that was on two socks. I actually FINISHED those socks THAT night! Thank GOD Michele, my lifesaver was driving. Thanks, Michele! I love you.

Dallas skyline

Sock waiting for the concert to begin from an oboist's perspective......more people DID show up than that, ok??? I know it looks lame in this pic......

at the symphony

B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) These guys rock!!! Thanks, guys!


Starbucks friendlies. :0) I'd smile, too, if I worked there and could coffee all day. Thanks, guys!


AND!!!!! My secret pal has struck!!! Look at this booty! Whoooohoooo! Speaking of booty, look at that chocolate. MMMM mmmm, good. And that yarn is so beautiful. I hope you are having a blast in Venice. Am I turning green????? Wow!!! What a vacation. You go girl! hahahah Thanks secret pal. I think I will save the glow necklace.......hmmmmm....when to use it. heh heh

My Secret Pal!!!!!

P.S. Good to be back...I have missed you guys!! :0)