Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Socks For Soldiers


Socks for Soldiers I

Monday, August 28, 2006

Long time-no write

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? I suppose that would mean there should be lots to report on...if I had a life, that is. School is starting and I have been trying to arrange lessons between 12 schools and about a billion oboe students. This is the part of my school year that I like the least. Once the scheduling gets done, it's all downhill. Right? heh Anyway, that's where I have been. Pulling my hair out and answering endless emails and phone calls, making reeds,
All work and no play. practicing, and KNITTING!!! Whoohooo!

First, here is my Hebridean from Virtual Yarns in Driftwood. You all knew I was getting it anyway, so no surprise there, but here is the color. It isn't quite as light as I had thought, but I do love the combination of the lavender and rust heather. It will make a very lovely Elizabeth I, I hope.

I also have a comparison of yarns I thought some might find interesting. Starting from the left, this is a pic of Campion, Hebridean and finally, Dunedin. I have never seen any close-ups of the Dunedin, so I thought it would be good to see for some of you still contemplating Elizabeth in another sub yarn. If you click mon it you can go to my Flicr account and see a larger pic of it. You can make out just how much finer the Dundein is because of the merino it is made. Very soft and light.

I gave in and started a Birch that I want to wear to the reception of the first concert...providing that I SURVIVE the first concert. And yes, there is a question in my mind that I COULD just run screaming from the stage halfway through the show. I have actually wondered about that. Anyway, the question of my sanity aside, I am thoroughly enjoying Birch. It just flies and I have always loved Kidsilk Haze.

Also, I am almost done with my first pair of Socks For Soldiers. I have overestimated my productivity on these....among other things.....stop laughing, Marina! They are Looooog! But, tonight I will finish these monsters.
Socks for Soldiers

Not much progress on the other beauties in my pile o' sweaters being knit. I intend to get back on them again this week. Gotta make the sweaters. Gotta make the sweaters. Gotta make the sweaters. Anyone else know this commercial I am alluding to? :0)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spies among us

You guys are amazingly intuitive...or you are spies. Which is it? Yes, it is a VY kit! I looked long and hard for a sub for Elizabeth I, but wasn't happy with swatches. Tried Jaeger DK, Jaeger 4 ply and several others. Finally decided to just order from VY. I am getting the color Driftwood and a copy of the Children's Collection. Whooohooo! I will need some somewhat mindless knitting in case of a boredom emergency in rehearsals...but looking at this year's repertoire, I don't think there will be much room for diversion. First concert: (pay attention oboists) Don Juan, Pictures at an Exhibition and Brahms Violin Concerto. Ummm, help. Send reeds...or money...or maybe even bottles of alcoholic elixor. :0)
Here is what you can get out of 2 balls of Patons Kroy sock yarn. Partial BBS (big black socks). Lucky for me I have about five more balls. Talk about mindless knitting.

And the walls, they are almost done. Pretend the blue painter's tape isn't there. I will put more pics up when it is finally done and actually somewhat clean looking. Uh, or IF it is ever clean again.......

Went to the dentist today. It is one of my biggest all time fears...(besides having a semi truck or a train fall on top of me from an overpass....but that's a different problem or past life). My blood pressure was high. I was shocked. Me? I thought, "Lady, I am scared sh%^$less to be here, OF COURSE IT"S HIGH!" We took it again afterward. Normal. Anyone else scared of the dentist?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Around and around she goes....

Has it been that long since I last posted?? Good grief. I have been knitting in circles...literally.

Socks for soldiers almost completed. Around and around and around....these things are huge! I can knit in spare moments with no thinking, so it actually goes pretty fast once I am knitting. I don't seem to be doing so much of that lately. The season is about to crank up and there are plenty of things to be done....like practice? Hmmm. And finish the kitchen??? Oh yeah, the kitchen. I am starting the color washing today and I really like the effect. I almost decided to leave the light yellow just out of pure laziness, but decided to get my a#$ is gear. Here is the beginning.

We used a textured paint in a light yellow base and then knocked it down with a trowel. I have mixed 2 parts sienna and 1 part maize glaze with 1 part clear glaze and applied it in small areas. After it dried slightly I ragged off where I thought appropriate. Now do you see why I was procrastinating? So many steps. So much mess. But totally worth the effort. One pic is with flash and one without. I think the darker is actually closer to the real deal. I am going to find an iron chandelier and some iron wall sconces to go in there as well.

And the ever lovely Season of Darkness and Winter Light sleeve # 2! I love this patttern. Love, love, love.

Something is winging its way across the pond right now to me. Anyone care to venture a little guess?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lonely Saturday

Hey! Where is everyone? Are y'all all on vacation? Please come back.......hello? I think I better tell you a symphony story to see if you are still listening out there.

It was a cold dark night........ok. It wasn't. But it was one of my first professional jobs in a symphony. This is especially for all of you who are not musicians and sometimes go to the symphony for an evening of relaxation. Yes, it certainly LOOKS placid enough on stage from the audience, doesn't it? Lies. All lies.

It was time for the concert and I was really nervous. Of course, I was only playing second oboe in this group, but believe me when I tell you there are plenty of places for embarrassment if you are not paying attention and playing well. All was going great. We were into the symphony of the evening, I forget (or have blocked) what that particular piece was. I was sitting as straight as possible, being as quiet as possible when not playing, looking straight ahead and all those other things your teachers beat into your head as a performance artist. It was almost time for the beautiful bassoon solo. Suddenly, in the row behing me I hear the sound of falling metal objects. A voice, "Motherfu%^$$%$r, does someone have a screwdriver?? Some of my f&^%%^ng keys just fell off!!!" I thought I would pass out for moment as the world began to sway. It was the principal bassoon. I was panicked. Surely someone from the audience heard that! I looked pleadingly at the conductor. The conductor looked calm. She had no idea. My adrenaline.....my God! My head would explode. A screwdriver instantly appeared from the principal oboist's bag. Time for the solo. The bassoon sounded wonderful. No one ever knew.

A little progress on my soldier's socks. We have family in and I needed some mindless knitting. Perfect! I don't even have to look at it as I knit anymore. Very cool. Next I will be able to read and knit. Not. I have heard of people doing this. This multitasking knitting business. I will just consider myself lucky enough to keep the things on the needles at all. :0)

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yeah, had you going for a second, didn't I? I did finish, but it is only the first half. It was a haul, tough. This is the left half.

There is a steek of about 6 inces that will be cut to make the front.

Then you can see the back after that and live stitches are left to graft to the right side when it is done.

THEN....comes the aran/lace sleeve bands as well as the front/lower/collar bands which are done together. Can I envision it? No way. Better get out the wine again.

And number 2, otherwise known as the right side...with the obligatory cup o' java. Hmm...wine..java...wine..java? Oh, my aching kidneys.

And here is a little work done on my Socks for Soldiers.

Four inches of ribbing. It feels like a lifetime of ribbing. I wonder who will wear them? I wonder if he will be safe? Which war zone will he be in? Honestly, you think these things as you make them.

Oh! Almost forgot. Go over and check out Yarnmonkey's Sock Wars! It looks like it is going to be loads of fun. The more the merrier!