Friday, June 11, 2010

An open letter to Tony Hayward

Dear Tony Hayward and BP,

What the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf boils down to is greed. The world knows what happened on that rig. We have all seen so much evidence already that it leaves doubt in no one’s minds. Interviews with family members of those lost on that rig are enough though there is so much more than that. More comes to light every day. And the fact that today we are told that this spill is at least twice the amount thought previously makes me literally sick to my stomach. Are you guessing at these numbers or will you just ease us into even worse and worse news?

Was it worth it? Was it worth it? Trying to save some of your precious profit by risking substandard drilling practices? Risking lives? Risking nature itself? Eleven people are dead. Eleven families are mourning. Countless animals have lost their lives and suffered unimaginable pain. Thousands of people have lost their livings. A huge portion of the world’s waters are contaminated beyond redemption in our and our children’s lives, maybe longer.

Was it worth it? How can you answer that? We have no end in sight. I am no scientist, but I know enough to know that the earth’s thermohaline circulation could bring this oil and poisonous dispersants used on it eventually to your European shores. What a tragedy that would be. The Outer Hebrides and Ireland inundated with tar balls and poison from your mistake. Then on to deep water to circle the earth. It makes me so incredibly sad. Congratulations. BP has truly gone global.

What makes you think you can make this right? There are some things that profit can't buy.