Friday, March 07, 2008

It takes a snow day......

to get me back where I belong. This is what my drive home looked like yesterday. They said midnight it would come in...a little event, they said. At noon all hell broke loose and at 3 the roads looked like this. This is near Dallas. It is March. Does anyone understand this? I was actually hoping for a snow day...but c'mon.

I took the time to get acquainted with the new love of my life...spinning wheel # 319 by Wallace Van Eaton!!!! It arrived Wednesday and I couldn't be any happier. Looks like a dream and spins even better. It is made of several gorgeous woods and all the bobbins are different as well. He really has outdone himself. Pictures just cannot do this wheel justice. The balance is just magnificent.

Here is some superwash on the flyer which will soon become a pair of socks. Do you see the amazing woods there on the flyer? Wow! He is a master.

So, I know I have been absent for a very long time....just couldn't balance things very well lately. All good, just busy as usual. I suck at time management. Oh, and organization.

So, how about a little eye candy? I have been doing a few things lately. Some place mats from some Kaffe Fassett material. It is some of my favorite. The man's a genius. Also, this is the beginning of a foot stool with many of his fabrics and some others I have found. It has been really fun. It is done by paper piecing and much easier than I anticipated. The rest will be made from scratch. Keep tuned and hopefully I won't injure myself with tools.

Some knitting and a little more sewing.

This is why I haven't blogged......or answered emails. But, I am on the way!!!!! Keep checking your inbox! I really am back for good now. ;0)