Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A little rain, a lot of hail

Wow! We wanted rain, we got it...and a little more. It hailed for at least 30 minutes straight. I have never seen a hail core last that long......but, at least it was mostly small here. A few minutes north they had hail that was golfball sized. Windows out, car windshields broken. This pool was sparkling clear blue the day before. Blech. But that's Texas for you.

I am now working on one of my mom's Christmas presents. I had to ask what she would prefer in a no surprise there. She asked for a "happy yellow king size quilt". I am thinking a bit traditional with blocks and sort of scrappy but an overall feeling of sunshiney yellow. I can't decide if they should be on point or straight out. I will add white sashings and plain yellow blocks between the sashings to further brighten the quilt. Then at least two borders. What do you think?

On point?

Or not?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pennants or penance?

This is it. :0) The Fassett Pennants Quilt that has been on my design wall for longer than I can tell you...well...I can, but then I'd be embarrassed. I changed the outside border just a bit and continued the inside border into it. I like the continuity of it as other designed border didn't do it for me. It seemed like an afterthought. I may put the prairie points on it after quilting but I am not sure right now. I do like the way they look, however, and it seems fitting. This is such an interesting design and colorway. It is going in the room where we spend the most time-probably a wall quilt and inspiration for finally decorating........

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Done with the top

So, we have one more class left in the Niemeyer Glacier Star class I have been taking. It has been a blast taking this class and learning better paper piecing techniques. In the past I have just tried to wing it. The results have been ok, but not something at which I'd like any other quilter to look too closely. heh BUT! I did learn a ton from winging it and now have a better understanding of the technique. "Oh, THAT"S what that add-a-quarter ruler is for....". I get it now. Now I am completely hooked on Niemeyer as well as several other designers I have researched a bit. Jacqueline Dejonge, Karen name a couple. Kaffe I have always been crazy over. I am finishing up the pennants quilt top, finally. It's only been on my design wall for over a year. I like to think of it as my Penance Quilt. My first paper piecing and boy did I commit some sins on this one. I think it's why I have left it so long...haha Well, that and the border wasn't working. I think it must have been my copies. Anyway, I have figured a new border after hours of sitting in front of it and moving blocks around. Now, just to sew a few seams and the top is finito. Pics? Yeah, well....the old memory stick isn't giving this one up and my camera batteries are dead for a few more to come in a bit. :0)