Sunday, December 25, 2005

beaded wrist warmers

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Mmmm. toasty warm. I have been on a kick knitting these lately. What??!! You say I should be packing? Cleaning? Ha! Not when there are so many cold wrists around this season. Well...anyhow. They are very fun and fast to knit and they look fantastic on any wrist no matter how many Christmas or Hanukkah cookies one might devour. :0) So the big journey day to Germany is coming up. Think good flight thoughts for me, ok? My family is coming over to baby sit and stay in the house while we are gone. I am so thankful for that. I worry sick about all my little cats and birds and multitudes of giant black spiders...ok. I think the spiders will do fine and they are *usually* only outside anyway...unless I have company. Be forewarned. :0)


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Do NOT touch the remote...I am just resting my eyes.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Here it comes, ready or not!

Wow! Has the season already gotten this far without my noticing? How can that be? Wait! I DID suffer a head injury earlier this week...(flying oboes....a long and sordid tale)...that must be it. It's not that I am secretly avoiding shopping or anything. Ok. I am. I do love's just the crowds I hate. My God! The crowds. You can't even get NEAR a mall these days without getting in a traffic jam, let alone getting INTO it! But, Monday and Tuesday, here I come to join the ranks of those unlucky souls not finished with their shopping, and I WILL find the perfect presents. No matter who I have to beat up to get to them. heh No, seriously, I have a couple of prezzies on the needles that will hopefully get finished. One is Litttle Rivers by Starmore in Scottish Heather that I have been working on for my better half (or at least my voice of reason) for a very long time. I am working on arms now. Not very promising for my timeline, I know, but nevertheless. Also some hunting socks and small things........Wanna see some pics??