Monday, July 25, 2005

house huntin'

Ahhh yes. We're still at it. The never ending parade of homes. BUT! I think we may have located a good one. We actually got to talk to the owner for an hour or two at his open house. This is rarely ever done because the realtors try to keep you as far from one another as possible "for your own protection". Yeah. Right. Their commission, period. I am not saying there aren't good or even great realtors out there, I just haven't had one. Anyhow, it's an awesome place and we adore it and the owner. The owner is very attached to it and frankly, I think he is screening who he wants to buy the place. Fine by me. Just let it be us! There is room for a knitting room.......(she sings)...and a studio for my students and practicing.......and (drumroll)...a pool. (Jennefer) heh heh
Knitting front-obviously not much going. I have several repeats on the second frill, but not more. This weekend for a goal of finishing is looking like it probably won't happen. AND I have a museum opening to play for on Friday with a quintet. Stress galore and it is a very big deal. Perhaps I should reset my goal and go practice and make some reeds, eh? Ok. I think I will. G'night!

Friday, July 22, 2005

And Heeeere She is!

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One down, one to go. Here is the front of Butterfly from Rowan 37 made of Madil Kid Seta subbed for Kidsilk Haze. What da y"all think?
I still have the back to go. I'm hoping to be done by next weekend...but I have a feeling that may not happen.
I'll take a "does-my-butt-look-too-big-in-this?" picture when I'm done. Just remember-honesty is not ALWAYS the best policy in matters of fashion.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rowan 37 Butterfly

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Here is a pic of the sides as well. Looks much better than before I frogged. Can you see the beads now?

After frogging........

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Beware, the main part of this pattern is off by at least 1 stitch in the large size-not sure about the other sizes. Anyone else besides me and Veronique have any trouble?? I decided to compensate by adding on at the side, but was ultimately dissatisfied because it leaned, so I frogged-ALL the way down to the frill!!!!!! It didn't take long and wasn't nearly as traumatic as I suspected it would be. I think it was the wine.....

Before frogging........

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I'm Gonna Get 'Cha!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


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And here she is! Butterfly from Rowan 37. Can you see those beads in there at the points? If you can't, LIE to me. It was a pain in the #%@$ to find them.


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Here is Rhinegold taking a little stroll on the treadmill.

How time flies.......

Wow!! Has it been that long since I have written?? I think I must spend too much time reading other blogs and not enough time knitting and blogging myself. HOWEVER! I do have some new pics of in-progresses and a new one. Oh yeah, baby! I have decided to start the Butterfly from Rowan 37. Had to drive all over the metroplex to find it and the yarn and then the %@*7* beads!! Out of all the pounds of beads I own, who would know there would be nothing appropriate???? Good God!!!
Still on the house hunting search. Are all realtors crooks? I am beginning to believe that all realtors must have been used car salesmen at one time or another. Is this true?? Someone please help me understand why a buyer's agent gets this large sum of money when all they do is open a locked door so I can see the house? I don't even think I have been shown a house that I didn't find myself!!! Anyone???
Ok....must go knit to calm myself! Pictures to follow.......