Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why do they call it CATnip?

Cuz it grows cats!!! I think this one's ready to pick....maybe a little over ripe.

Shhhh, I don't think the recipient reads my I am going to take a chance and post these after all. I know I said I wouldn't......... You know, I can't keep Christmas presents til Christmas if they are already made, either. Makes it hard to do handmade gifts. Probably a godsend for my friends. "Oh look.....ANOTHER handmade gift", all the while thinking....."I wonder if she ever sees these things at Goodwill?" And yet...I still keep trying. Here are the tops of some placemats and a table runner to match. Still need to be quilted. Not Christmas presents....I am too smart for myself this year. Just because gifts. Just-because-I-would-like-to-torture-you-and-see-if-you-still-have-them-next-time-I-visit-you gifts Beware if your kitchen is blue.........She has no idea I am doing this she might not even guess it was hers in the off chance she ever checks this. She might even hope they aren't hers....muahhahahahah!!!

Even though I have quilting on the brain I am still finding time to do a little knitting here and there and some spinning......when I am not lurking on the net for items I am stalking indefinitely.....but that's another story..........there is probably a reality show for people like me..... oh yeah. There's called Hoarders. Haven't seen one with only fiber related items yet.........but I'm going to THAT garage sale, baby!

Hillswick Lumber

Kai-mei socks from one of Cookie A's books.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finished stuff and not so finished stuff.



These have been on the needles so long I don't even remember start dates.. Ooops. But they are done now...just in time for 103 degrees today. Whew! I was afraid my feet might get cold.

I am also working on a couple of quilted presents now. One group goes to Germany (can't divulge any more info than this) and one for my mom... of which you have already seen the beginnings. I think I best not post any more pics here now lest she see them. ;0) I am dying to post them, tho.....I may just keep them on Flickr for now, so if you are on Rav you know how to find that. Sorry Mom. :0D But the top is almost finished and now begins border fun. Frame or flying geese? One yellow or many yellows? Decisions decisions.....

And this little guy is a Mockingbird that comes and knocks on my studio windows every now and then. I give him water

......I am so trained by birds. Especially this one.