Friday, November 07, 2008

A Work Day In the Life.......

It begins with hitting every red light on a drive from hell.

Traffic...oh...and buffalo..No, I am not kidding. Pretty cool, huh? There are babies right now the size of German Shepherds.

I have packed in the car my tools

to make oboe reeds

and music to practice for an upcoming concert....

and I drive around to different schools all day teaching oboe lessons to kids in rooms this small. Blech. Love the kids..hate the rooms.

Then it's off to rehearsals with knitting at my side....

and sometimes a concert in the evening. Sometimes not.

Wow! It looks a lot more boring in pictures. Holy Crap, I gotta get a life!

Here's a little more Thoroughbred. I didn't do all that last night...I was just long in uploading my pics.

Also toying with the idea of knitting a traditional fishing gansey. I have always been fascinated by the romantic history surrounding these sweaters. It probably wasn't nearly as romantic as I would have it...but hey!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

new, new, news

I have had the good fortune to be able to test knit a cardigan for a designer from across the pond. It is a really neat design and I think you will like it when she finishes it. Here are the beginnings with her permission, of course. Yea, Katya!!! More info to come.

Here is a small bit of Thoroughbred. Love, LOVE>, LOVE these colors. They blend so beautifully and I can't decide if there is one combination I like more than another.

Poetry in Stitches Wedding Cardigan in Spindrift.