Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not just good news, GREAT NEWS!

So, do you guys remember the Socks For Soldiers that I was working on a while back? Remember?

Well, this weekend I got an email from one of the soldiers who received a pair of my socks along with the legendary photo album. heh heh I was really hoping that they would go to someone who has a sense of humor since I risked life and limb getting some of those pictures....(not really). And they did!! He is a chaplain in the Army in Iraq right now and he has a huge sense of humor. As a matter of fact, he is just huge, period.

They were not small socks, so I was expecting at least a six foot soldier to fit into them........or a rather odd looking short man. Either way..... ;0) Anyhow, here are some of the pics he sent. I laugh every time I look at them. This is him with his assistant/bodyguard. He says she's amazing at her job. It is such a treat finding out where these little bridges across the world end up. And it is an honor and priviledge to be able to meet some of these guys putting their lives on the line every day. Thanks, Chuck, for extending your friendship.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

She's Psychic...again

;0) First and foremost, I want to thank my SP9 Pal Michelle, for being such a great secret pal.

It has been a blast and I am enjoying getting to know you immensely. Look at this wonderful stuff she sent me!!! It is like the girl is psychic! I had been looking at the chart holder from Knitpicks....

The Alpaca Cloud....

Wonderful lip balm from Bath and Body...check.
And her marvelously sinful truffle recipe. Oh, wow!!! Thanks Michelle!!!!!!!

We woke up to this

on Friday. Unfortunately, school was still in, but I only had a couple of lessons anyway, so it was an easy day. Came home to a fire, coffee and much knitting. This is all I have wanted for weeks. It isn't much to ask, is it? Here is my progress:

Birch in Kidsilk Haze pink with beads added in as I go. It's about halfway finished so far.

And this sock.

I have now fallen into the deep dark well of bead knitting. Always loved beading....and knitting. Why not combine them and make myself more miserable? heh heh I am using 0000 needles, silk and size 11 beads. Welcome to my world of insanity. I think I will be experimenting for a while, but I have supplies now for a nice sized purse. Wish me luck and much mental health.

Fritz and Mia enjoying the warmth inside.