Thursday, May 31, 2007

You have to do WHAT??? tomorrow?

My mom gave us all a scare recently when she had to go in and have a procedure done for her heart!!!! She called me and calmly informed me that she would be going in the hospital the next day instead of coming for a visit!!! Good God! It took a few minutes to sink in. You have to do WHAT tomorrow? I drove out the next morning and thank God all is extremely well. Except my frayed nerves. ;0) We knew something was going on when we took the Hawaii trip, but we weren't sure what it was. Now we do. Whew!!!

Summer is for buying...right?

A little stash enhancement recently. Kidsilk Haze and lorna's Laces. I was staying at home minding my own business and pretending there WASN'T a 35% off sale going on at one of the LYS. And who called me to make sure I knew? Thanks, Ceci. I even waited until the last possible hour to ensure that the things I wanted were gone. Oh, no!! There they were on the shelf where last I saw them, patiently waiting. Kind of makes me wonder if I have weird taste.

Also ordered a "few" spindles recently.

These are some Forrester spindles I received from The Spinning Bunny. She has great customer service and lightening fast shipping. These are a Granny of canary wood and black walnut 26.19 grams, a white oak and cherry Linum 34.1 grams, and a purple heart and walnut Linum 20.69g. earmarked for some silk soon. I LOVE Forrester spindles. They spin incredibly well and are so smooth. I may even have another one or so on the way. ;0)

I have been able to get a little knitting done lately. I have been enamored with all of the argyle sock knitting going on. Zarzuela has been doing this! Aren't they great? I have always been interested in knitting some, but when I saw these I knew I had to go for it. The girl is a genius and she has a great tutorial on argyles. Here is my first attempt.

Ummm, more like a swatch. I was intending it to be the first sock, but when I had to go back for a problem, I decided not to unravel full rows. OOpps! Because on the way back I seemed to have missed making a row somewhere on one side...soooo. It is a swatch. (Note to self-in intarsia frog full rows) I was also not completely satisfied with the stranding/intarsia of the skull. I tried some of each and each reacts differently to being stretched as a sock will. So, I will try again, maybe in different girlie colors.

Also, have been working on Elizabeth I.

This is a hard yarn to photograph, but here is the best I could get. I am no artist when it comes to photography. Oh, yes the desire is there....just like the desire is there to be a famous rock singer.......I am embarrassingly bad at both. I have come to a quiet acceptance of this. It does not, however, keep me from singing in the car at full, eardrum shattering capacity. Sarah MacLachlan, I love you. Or does it keep me from continuously taking bad photos to show you. :0)

One of my dearest and long-time friends, Susan, was in town from Colorado....we went for a drive in the country to see what we could see. And we did see....and laughed and laughed. You really have no idea what you will find in the East Texas back roads. This is but a small sample. And now, for your "only in Texas" shot of the week. I give you......redneck indoor pool.

We also went shopping. Whew.....thank God they had these labeled.

No, seriously, do they really need to label these like this? A whole section of it in the craft store. And do people really use this sh%^&t?????

And I guess this guy's winter sale must have been successful. I will be watching for a summer sale......or is that his busy season-no sales needed? Eeeeek!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Almost done!

No, not another finished knit....I wish! Almost done with the symphony season and also with teaching private lessons in school. No more driving and schlepping my instrument and tools around!!!! In crappy waether. Yipppeee! My back could really use the break from the load....because of course, I can't pack lightly even if it is only for a few hours.

Usually the season winds up with a wimper, but not this year! As soon as I returned home from my vacation it has been full steam ahead. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony up in Sherman..

....then a Cinco de Mayo concert in Tyler with East Texas! And not an easy concert as one might dare to assume. Unbelievable rhythms and fun counting.We hosted Jeff Nevin and the Mariachi Champana Nevin. Here they are in rehearsal minus Jeff.....

don't know why I didn't get a picture of him.....was probably too busy drooling over him when he came out. heh heh The whole female portion of the orchestra was having a little difficulty concentrating....heh heh Look here to see him. He's the one in the chair...............I am JUST KIDDING!!!! That's Charles Bruck. Jeff is the one standing. The pic doesn't do him justice, by the way. ;0) Anyhow, I digress....they were terrific. The orchestra had as much fun as the audience.

So, I have had the Jamieson & Smith discontinued colors on my mind a lot lately. I have poured over the color cards comparing them to Jamieson's and Campion......It seems that I have had them on my mind a little TOO much, actually, and I am starting to think in jumper weight color terms. Here is proof. What did I see when I woke up the day after yet another bad storm that has gone through here in the last few weeks?

The pool had turned into a swamp overnight!!!! FC11 I believe...........

Here are some more pictures of the storms and their havoc.

my poor tree

tree again :0(

I was caught in the worst storm on one of the metro freeways. Hail, flood..........late to the rehearsal.....agony. But, at least the lakes have water again..... ;0)

Oh!!! And my SoDaWL....still going...and....going....