Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hi, There- Warning!! Very pic heavy!!!

       I have SO MUCH to share with you!! It has been way too long!

 It is already OCTOBER and I can hardly believe it. Seems like time flies faster and faster every week. This has been a super busy beginning to the symphony season. This is our opening concert in East Texas Symphony in September. What a terrific group it is. I feel very fortunate to play here.

I am basically working several jobs at one time right now with playing music and quilting and a little teaching. I barely come up for air these days. That is a happy problem, however. I love all of the work so I can't complain  much…except for the lack of sleep…

  October begins my favorite time of year. I love the fall. Even though I am in the south and our fall is a little pitiful. I have these visions of fall in Vermont. I've never been there so this is complete fantasy on my part. A tree lined street of houses with large porches and people sitting out enjoying the turn of weather. Yards covered in leaves of all colors and a brisk breeze blowing warning of a coming frost. Kids playing street hockey in sweaters…….Romantic, eh? And here I sit with a forecast of 94 today. Go figure.

  So I HAVE been busy quilting the last months. How about a few pictures of client quilts? Be sure and click on them if you want close-ups.

 These are twins I finished. Completely custom and a zillion thread changes, but super fun and challenging.

 I finished this beauty by Deborah ta while back and forgot to show it. It is called Vintage Compass and  the pattern is by Judy Niemeyer. Deborah used metallic fabrics and this just smacks of Christmas to me. I LOOOOVED quilting this one. Stitch in the ditch on everything and lots of feathers and paisley fill. 

 And another Niemeyer. Feathered Star. Also tons of feathers and lots of stitch in the ditch. See a theme here? …...

Some place mats in a Neimeyer pattern for one of my dear friends. The clarinetist in the above symphony shot actually. :0)

The Plano quilt show was this past August. I had 5 clients enter their quilts and 4 of them ribboned. I was so excited for all of us!!! You may recognize some of them from the previous posts. 

Then the Trinity Valley Quilt Show where Kim entered her beauty and ribboned 1st Place as well!!! I don't have the picture with the ribbon, but here it is at another show hanging. It has ribboned at least twice now.

Here is a gorgeous Neimeyer by Jackie. I finished this one recently. The colors on this quilt are so beautiful. A lot of Fassett fabrics as well as 3 kinds of black polka dots and also batiks. It was incredibly hard to give it back. 

 I also finished a little fun lap quilt that will be donated. I made it using one of Moda's scrap bags that happened to be Blackbird Designs in Country Orchard. I Love ANYTHING of theirs, so this was fun. The scrap bags usually consist of selvedges, so it can be challenging to make something nice. I found a great pattern on their Bakeshop page, so I went with it. So cute! Finished with a swirl feather allover pattern. 

I was lucky enough to quilt another Paradise in Blooms. This one was done by Eileen. She is a certified Neimeyer instructor and her workmanship is impeccable! You have seen some of her other work if you have followed my posts previously. I adore quilting for her. This is hanging up at Quilt Country in Lewisville, Texas. 

And last pictures for the day. This is a wedding quilt done for a client. It is the Metro Rings pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful. I had been wanting to quilt one of these for a long time. When she came in and was referred to me I jumped at it. I hope she didn't notice me salivating. Since the quilt is mostly white and I tend to dress in maybe a little too much black…occasionally……maybe…... I had to buy a white apron in order to work on this beauty so I could keep it pristine. I LOVE the way it turned out. 

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Happy Quilting!



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