Monday, September 03, 2007

The knitting...she's a finished.

The blocking......she's a NOT! Blocking in progress. T-pin bending....stretching the crap out of......blocking. Hmmmm. one side seems to be just a bit smaller. That was the second side I knit. Little more tense at the end of the season last year, I guess. Darn it! Let's see what a little magic can do. Still need to sew it and then sew in lining. We may be looking at an EFT of next February. :0)

Next up on the UFO list is Luskentyre. About 2/3 of a sleeve to go on that one.

This is an older shot with the Rheingold.

Then....let's see....various socks.....Birch. Then my pile will be finished. I better hurry up and start another large piece! Oh, wait! Little Rivers........Marina, was that you I heard shout in the background?

I also just got an order from Glorious Color. Some more stripes to add to my Kaffe Fassett quilt. The colors just weren't to my liking. These will be much better and I have already started cutting and placing some of them. The darker colors really make it.

So, I guess summer officially ends for me tomorrow as I start my full teaching and playing schedule once again. I am actually ready for the summer to be over for once. For obvious reasons, sure, but also the summer was longer this year due to laws changing. I have also been able to work out a schedule I am VERY happy with so I can be at home much more. Pretty cool. I look for this to be a much less stressful but successful year. What more can ya ask for? :0)