Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One of those days.

Ever had one? One of those days that you should have just stayed in bed? One of those days that no matter what you touched, you wrecked it? Oh, yeah, it is one of those for me today. I should have known within the first 2 minutes of getting out of bed at 5 AM!!! Couldn't sleep.....decided coffee must be made, but in the dark. I don't know isn't worth the psychology probably needed to figure out why I do anything.... On the way to the kitchen in the dark, I accidentally kicked the cat AND knocked their water bowl into oblivion. Finally made it to the coffee pot after putting a towel on the worst of the cat bowl water mess....dropped the entire filter complete with old grounds onto the floor...and cabinet....and dishwasher.....and leg. Who knew that wet coffee grounds could fly that far? Dropped first cup of coffee on my other leg and remaining clean cabinets. Should I drive today? Reed knives are out of the question.

Here are my first pair of finished socks for Summer of Socks. :0)

Log Cabin socks from Handknit Holidays. This pattern was a fast knit in terms of time spent as it is a worsted weight. Not my normal weight for socks, but it was a gift from the Socks for Soldiers group owner and I am donating it back to go to a soldier. Most of my socks this summer will be going to that group or perhaps some sort of charity. I am thinking of cooking something up...stay tuned on that front.

She doesn't LOOK like a monster, does she? Her innocent look is her secret weapon. Don't let it fool ya.

Trying to take a IS water. ;0)

I thought no one saved turtles anymore. I just read a friend's entry about how she saves turtles. I love that. I have always had a soft spot for them and stop whenever possible without risking life and limb. I recently stopped at a tollbooth on the turnpike to tell the tollbooth man about a turtle on the road. I only wanted to ask him to send someone to get the poor thing off of the turnpike before he gets killed or kills someone...(I am the only one who actually swerved) !!! I am sure from the look on his face that the tollbooth guy could only see a strange mad woman waving her hands around in the car speaking a launguage he obviously didn't understand ......TUR-TLE... TUR-TLE....OH God! What's the universal sign for turtle????........ Can't you see? It's a matter of turtle life and death?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ship's Log: Saturday June 23, 2007ish

Now I remember, this is a knitting blog.....see? I haven't forgotten. Here is Arrrgle Sock # 2 coming along slowly. hahahaha

And, yes, it is pink! And black and green.....It's the irony, you know? I know you know. ;0) and besides...I seem to have that color combination on the brain.

It is a little slow going as I dropped it for a few days to begin my first pair of socks for Summer of Socks. I couldn't start early, ya go. Notice the date on the newspaper so casually placed below.

These will most likely be leisure socks sent to the Socks for Soldiers group along with the regulation socks always in progress. ALWAYS a pair of those on the needles. :0)

Here are my little termites. The pic of Hayley looks strange because it was actually taken upside down. That's how you find her most days. Welcome to my zoo....and this is only half of it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rain, rain....go away.......

come again some other day.....(warning-sad news story ahead)

It rained 22 days here in May this year. So far in June it has rained ...well...I haven't kept track. I have never seen this much rain in this area before. Here are a few shots from inside my car as I drove into a storm cell.

This is the shot of the wall cloud after I drove under it. Remember, wall cloud-tornado-wall cloud-tornado.....luckily not so in this case. I had all my fingers and toes crossed.

This is the shot from inside the storm and the wall cloud in the rearview miror.

I show you these pictures for a reason. Last night I stayed up late reading. About 2am I woke up to the sound of thunder after nodding off while reading. Not unusual these days....the storm or the nodding off... I looked at the radar as I knew there was a slight possibility of rain. Looked like a storm was coming. Then the tornado alarms in the city starting wailing. Oh crap! These days it isn't even shocking anymore-I don't get panicked. Not a good thing. And honestly, we don't even know why the alarms sound anymore it happens so often. Severe storm? Tornado? Bombing raid? It's anyone's guess.......which is what I did last night. Guessed that it was a severe storm as there was no other media to help me out. Soon the sirens were quieted and I went to bed. No one else in the entire neighborhood...or my house..for that matter...woke up. Some of the smaller cities just 30 minutes north and east of here and 30 minutes south were severely flooded last night within a couple of hours. There were high water rescues and some lost their lives. Some of you have probably been watching this on the national news stations today. Unbelievable. Apparently we were right in the path of some of this, but for some reason it didn't rain as much here. Shocking to see just how fast that kind of a flood can happen unexpectedly. A little four year old girl, Alexandria Collins, was swept out of her mother's arms as she tried to rescue her children. They found her later after the father failed at an attept to save her. It was heart wrenching to see her aunt speak to news reporters about how they had no money to send this little girl to heaven. I want to put up the address of the funeral home that is taking donations for her family....just in case. My heart goes out to her family.

Alpine Funeral Home
2300 N. Sylvania Ave.
Fort Worth, 76111

Monday, June 11, 2007

AAArrrrgggh!, anyone?

This pattern is so much fun! After all those years of wanting to knit argyles and not having the nerve for we are.

I have a suspicion that argyles may be on the short list this summer...a lot! I found a couple of 50's sock booklets and they are really neat. Once you get the pun intended...of the bobbins, it is smooth sailing. pun intended, again. heh heh What the h%^*l is wrong with me today? I think I have been in the house too long. Schmami!??? You out there? I need a drink!

There are some great tutorials that Zarzuela and Moth Heaven (creator of the Arrrgyle sock) have mentioned on their blogs. There is also another site I found this weeekend called........ ASS. Sounds like the perfect site for me. Awww, it actually stands for Argyle Sock Support. It is a group of knitters that get together and knit argyles. They have mentioned a couple of books that I am interested in browsing. One in particular is a book of color plates picturing Scottish clans and tartans. Great colors. Interesting close-ups. heh Just go see what I mean. That's all I'm sayin'.

Here are some little stitch markers that I just got from

Aren't they adorable? Look at that little face!

A little lace weight merino on my new Granny Forrester spindle. I have another cop on another spindle that I will ply with this one as soon as I finish the roving. It is amazing how far that stuff goes when you spin lace weight. And how tired your arm gets when using a spindle.....