Monday, June 01, 2009

Free Days

I am finally free for a few days. Well...not completely, but free enough to do a little sewing and knitting. I have pictures! Whooohooo!

My new sewing armoire. Love, love, love this thing! I can make a huge mess and then fold it all up for no one to be any the wiser. I am so happy with this. :0) I got the idea from Heather Ross in her book Weekend Sewing. As soon as I saw it I knew that was the answer to my dining room table nightmare. Or so I thought. The table still seems to be crowded....go figure.

Baby bibs and burp cloths for someone who is going to be one of the best moms ever. These were such a pleasure to make. The piping was sewn by machine and then hand sewn on the back for a nice touch.

A few bags from tutorials on blogs I have been stalking. Very fun to make. I have even had a few requests for them, so I may oblige.

Are you familiar with Paula Nadelstern? If not, YOU SHOULD BE. :0) I first learned of her a few years ago when her book on Kaleidoscope Quilts came out. I was dumbfounded by her technique. After reading about her I began an obsession with Singer Featherweight sewing machines. (I am easily persuaded, you see...) So, when I found out she would be doing a workshop near Dallas in 2010 I jumped at the chance. It included a monthly block study on her Puzzle Quilts book. Here is one my first attempts. I have a couple more I will need to take pics of and post.

There is so much more to the study than I even thought possible and I am learning so much about color theory, shading, piecing, etc. So much to learn. I am definitely one of the baby quilters in the group.

This is the progress on my Rosebud Shawl. Looks horrible, doesn't it? LOL But you can see how it will look once it is blocked. I am now on row 40 something of the border and the rows are all more than 600 stitches each! That's a lot o' stitches.