Friday, November 07, 2008

A Work Day In the Life.......

It begins with hitting every red light on a drive from hell.

Traffic...oh...and buffalo..No, I am not kidding. Pretty cool, huh? There are babies right now the size of German Shepherds.

I have packed in the car my tools

to make oboe reeds

and music to practice for an upcoming concert....

and I drive around to different schools all day teaching oboe lessons to kids in rooms this small. Blech. Love the kids..hate the rooms.

Then it's off to rehearsals with knitting at my side....

and sometimes a concert in the evening. Sometimes not.

Wow! It looks a lot more boring in pictures. Holy Crap, I gotta get a life!

Here's a little more Thoroughbred. I didn't do all that last night...I was just long in uploading my pics.

Also toying with the idea of knitting a traditional fishing gansey. I have always been fascinated by the romantic history surrounding these sweaters. It probably wasn't nearly as romantic as I would have it...but hey!


Blogger Anne said...

Baby Buffalo -- how cool is that!

Thoroughbred looks gorgeous -- that's a design I'd love to make for myself one day.

I have non fair isle knitting going on right now - I took a break from FI -- but the itch is coming back!

8/11/08 05:12  
Blogger Marina said...

Don't know whether I'll be able to get gauge, but I just purchased 4 cones (2 colours) of Frangipani.

Just remember, a day in your life is wa-y more exciting than mine! Mine would consist of pics of different rooms in my home, the supermarket and maybe one or two other stores. All within a 3 mile radius.

8/11/08 08:09  
Blogger eusebius said...

Hey, let's face it - we're musicians. The exciting stuff we do may look boring, but it sounds awesome!!

Thoroughbred, OTOH, doesn't look boring at all. Gorgeous!

9/11/08 04:40  
Blogger Knittinreed said...

Hah! Boring - I think not! You sounded great last night :-)

Where were those lovely buffalo?

9/11/08 08:17  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

At least the buffalo weren't in the road......your knits look fab! Yes! Knit a gansey.

9/11/08 14:53  
Blogger Tonya said...

Girl, you are neglecting you blog! We're all wondering what's happening in the Sharon-world!

30/12/08 07:27  

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