Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And from the "What the HELL?" category......

It's V's birthday, so we are having a party. So, I make my list.

clean the fridge
guest list
make desserts
make floating candles
completely redo the entire bathroom......

"What the hell?"

Perhaps I should just frame out a new addition to the house while I am at it? No, let's stick to taking down wallpaper.

Oh, yeah. I think I may have overstretched it this time just a little. It's a problem I have. Just one more thing to add to the little list of things to do before the weekend....never mind that it is a job that should take a couple of weeks. (or in my case several months due to my flitting attention span) I just get distracted easily.....that's all. Hauntingly similar to the way I prepare to leave for an overnight gig in another town. I must complete a year's worth of housework in one hour. I dunno. Perhaps I am unwittingly punishing myself for not having done it, oh, say, two years ago. Oh, did I mention I almost caught my hair on fire?????? That's me. Sharonarooni the Great Human Tiki Torch. But back to the I peel wallpaper and cuss........what do I see but this little morsel of what is actually underneath.


On a brighter note-borders are coming along on my Pennants Quilt.

And Elizabeth I.

I know. Not exactly eye candy, is it? I never claimed to be a photographer....only the owner of a camera. I am working both sleeves together because we all know about my attention span now....and my affinity for leaving projects with one arm done. It will not happen this time. I swear it. :0)


Blogger Karol-Ann said...

Love your pennants!!! I started mine in purple sometime ago, but it is a UFO with no hope at the moment...

30/7/08 16:40  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Discernable objects in the pictures is all I ever lay claim to. Liz looks good! Is she that plum color?

Uh oh about the bathroom. Look! Pretty Kaffe quilt.

31/7/08 20:34  
Blogger Alison-My Little Stitching Corner said...

Sharon, Thanks for signing up for blocks for Aryn's quilt. I really appreciate it and look forward to seeing them soon.

5/8/08 20:36  
Blogger Brigitte said...

Heh, that's why I always cast on for the 2nd sleeve right away, otherwise I fool myself into thinking I'll "get to it".

Beautiful quilt! My sister is a quilter, and she would love it.

11/8/08 06:31  
Blogger Lorie M. said...

Love the quilt and the about the bathroom...

19/8/08 18:53  

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