Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Psssst, look here...

Here is the Season of Darkness and Winter Light in a crappy picture...but that's about the best shot I have right now. Once it is lined I will get a better modeled shot. Right. I am finished with the sewing now. Finally! I will still add some velvet lining as the pattern calls for....but I had to do a little try-on dance and show you guys. I may be a hermit, but I am still crafty. ;0) Please, for the love of God, don't judge me on my wallpaper.....I am trying to find a paint color to match my garish tiles and counter top.

I really enjoyed this pattern, but it was very time consuming to sew. LOTS os seams. I used the mattress stitch on all of them except the back grafting and I like how neat that seaming stitch can look even with a lot of fudging. These seams cannot be lined up one to one as it is horizontal against vertical.

I have discovered Amy Butler. How did I ever live without her fabric? The colors and the patterns are just mouth watering. Here are a couple of her purse patterns I tried out. The patterned Velma purse is her fabric and her design. The skulls are her Madison design but the fabric is Alexander henry, I believe. The patterns are very well written and super easy to follow and get great results. AND I only sewed through my finger once. Yes, through. With a sewing machine. It's a good thing I don't work in a factory or on a farm with large equipment. And it is amazing how horror and shock can keep you from feeling pain and give way to the utter curiosity of viewing your own finger skewed on a sewing machine needle. Oh, to have had my camera nearby........

Quilt in progress. Blocks are done and now I am piecing the strips. I am fearful of whether the strips will match up. Very fearful.

This is a jacket pattern I located after drooling over one I had seen on a student in a high school hallway. That is where I go for my fashion ideas these days....just randomly roam high school! I was teaching music lessons.......but hey, I get my ideas where I can. And I assure you I need all the fashion help I can get, especially when I spend my income on yarn. Anyway, I digress. I searched high and low and found this.

This purple will be my test run as I found some vintage silk from Hong Kong from around the 50's. Wanna see it?

Here it is-all 5 yards of it. Great marine blue and I am scared as hell to cut it. I had seen it in an antique place this summer and when I saw that jacket I knew what had to be done. It was still waiting on me to come and rescue it......or destroy it...whichever comes first. I know, you are thinking about the sewing machine incident, aren't you? Is it hard to get blood out of silk?

Cuteness. She doesn't LOOK like Satan in this pic. Don't ler 'er fool ya.


Blogger Moosie said...

Blood is very simple to get out of fabric, some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide does it and it doesn't harm the silk. But test on a small piece in a scrap first for dye fastness.

7/11/07 15:38  
Anonymous junieann said...

Wow, that is a lovely jacket. What a lot of work. Congratulations on finishing it. Kudo's.

7/11/07 16:13  
Blogger Marina said...

Bravo! It looks gorgeous.

Crossing my fingers that the strips will match up. It's beautiful and a lot of work! I don't have enough patience for something like that.

8/11/07 04:15  
Blogger Jeanette said...

Seasons looks FABULOUS! Congratulations! I didn't realize that you could sew the pieces together before the lining goes in. Good to know. Beautiful work!

8/11/07 06:01  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Wow, Season is gorgeous!!

Beautiful fabrics you've got pictured.

And Satan looks darling.

8/11/07 14:46  
Blogger cindy said...

I love the jacket!!! You did a wonderful job with it! it's stunning.........

I have the book and the yarn to make Carpathian Roses!!!

8/11/07 14:58  
Blogger Marji said...

Season is beautiful. Love your color choices too. I've been watching this for awhile, and you are the one that prompted me to finally order that book. (Which I did get before they were all gone).
The AB bags are fun. Re sewing on the chinese brocade - just a hint, only put pins in the seam allowances, unless you are fortunate enough to have some of those Iris pins or the Japanese glass heads - super fine. The holes will stay in the Chinese silk brocades.
do you sew? Check out Stitchers Guild online community.

9/11/07 07:31  
Anonymous madam bovary said...

oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST SPENT a freaking HOUR writing you a THESIS on here and it timed out while I was trying to repost pictures I color corrected for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crap and profanity.. I can NOT believe that just happened..

9/11/07 23:10  
Blogger Ellen "EJ" Sackett, said...

I wish I had even a pinky-full of your creative talents and abilities. You never cease to amaze me. Exquisite. ~ ej

11/11/07 09:14  
Blogger Brigitte said...

Satan, LOL!!!

Your SoDL is beautiful! The work you put into it was definitely worth it. And lined with velvet? Oooo, that's going to be so lovely.

That jacket will be spectacular.

16/11/07 05:27  

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