Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of Tartans and Kilts

I had a chance to go to a Firefighter Bagpipes, Drums & Honor Guard Jam Session yesterday. I love bagpipes and will move mountains to hear them if possible. Really, I just go to look at the kilt hose, but shhhh, don't tell anyone. Well, and the legs. heh heh Anyway, our local regiment sounded just wonderful. Amazing Grace always brings chill bumps to me no matter what the occasion. I had no idea there was even a regiment here, so I am glad to know it. Here is a shot of one of my Socks for Soldiers getting into the action. This will go either to Iraq or Afghanistan.

They are sending packages to both zones. If you are a knitter and interested in making socks for soldiers, I highly suggest checking out the group. It has been a great experience for me. (wave to Chuck and Celia...Hi, Guys!!!.....ummm, did I respond to that last email? My mind is going..........)

I also recently found some interesting books on Tartans. I think these are the most comprehensive I have seen so far. This is one of a series of three. It gives info on the names , of course, and then on the weaving structures and colors. Very fascinating. I intend to use these for the tartan hose coloring. There is another older series I am also trying to locate that has tons of illustrations on the tartan hose. Stay tuned. Also, for anyone interested in kilt hose, there has recently been a reprint of the Veronica Gainsford book Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings by
Schoolhouse Press. It is a great little book on kilt hose.

I am going to gush, so if you care not for mushiness, move ahead for pics of recent trials and travails. You still here? Ok, here goes. I recently had a birthday. No big deal, and frankly, at a certain age I would just as soon not remember I am a year older. This year was different. Oh, I tried to forget. Even taught a little that day just like any other Sunday. My phone rang all day. It was beautiful. I can't tell you how much I loved those calls and how I didn't realize how much it would mean to me that you remembered. One call was just a mysterious oboe playing Happy Birthday. hahahaha I laughed and laughed. I received flowers the day before from my friend of about 30 years, Susan.

She lives very far away but never feels distant. Flowers are wonderful, but the message that comes with them is always better. She and her family are tall. I am not. Thus my nickname that has been able to withstand the test of time :0) Love ya, Buda Jace. (That one is a very long story) Then, a few days later these showed up on my doorstep.

These are from my other friend of 30 years, Raquel. I had been threatening to run away with my neighbor's set of them and I think she decided this would be less risky than being an accomplice to chairnapping. Not to mention the chairs live a half mile away and she thoughtfully insinuated I might look ridiculous running down the street with a pair of adirondak chairs in tow. Truthfully, with my track record of clumsiness she didn't think I would make it. Ambulances are not cheap, my friends.

This is a purse I recently finished for Raquel. She picked the colors and style and I sewed like crazy. It has some special touches in it like hand sewing the flaps so they would wear better, double top stitching on the zipper, and a false bottom. I really love the size and the style. It fits her. Next up is an Amy Butler Chelsea Bag for my mom in denim.

Been doing a lot of spinning on my little Van Eaton wheel. This is Pink Lemonade BFL from Madeline Tosh. I visited the DFW Fiber Fest this year and purchased it there along with some sock yarn and a morado wood Bosworth spindle for lace yarn from Fire Ant Ranch. Gorgeous wood. It is a featherweight, so I will be spinning some silk on it soon.

And some more sewing. This is an Amy Butler cami done in Alexander Henry fabric. It's lined and topstitched and the whole bit. I love it....on my dress form. It looks ridiculous on me. Ridiculous. I don't know if it is just not my style (usually black-I am trying to break out of that) or it is my body type...but it is a real drag to spend that much time and have it look so weird to me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the storms. We have had some pretty nasty ones this spring. Have a look.

This is what we had one evening about 3 am. Nothing like trying to drag a BBQ grill under the porch with this stuff pelting you. Thus the brain damage you may have noticed earlier...That's my excuse and I am sticking to it. I also have footage on my camera of a tornado...however, I can't seem to get it off of my camera. Further proof of said brain injury. My neighborhood looks like a roofing convention.


Blogger Marina said...

Happy belated Birthday, grrl! Glad to see you're still out there, even though you're just knitting a sock. Poor Luskentyre & Little Rivers ;-)

The Anna tunic looks gorgeous! Love all those colours, which look a lot like Luskentyre's.

Hope you have a good visit with your friend!

2/5/08 12:16  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Happy happy Belated Birthday!!

That Amy Butler cami is really cute, too bad about the fit. I hate when that happens. The purses and the footstool look pretty fabulous. Between you and Marji, I might have to drag out my sewing machine.

And squee! I've got that book! And the yarn for a couple of pair of kilt hose. I just need to knit them....

Wow. Now THAT is hail. Ours, if we get it, looks like rock salt.

4/5/08 17:04  

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