Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kaffe Fassett's Tumbling Blocks revisited.

Everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving have a good holiday? I hope so. Ours was quiet but nice. Better than I had anticipated. I was actually sort of nervously dreading it. The first holidays without a family member are always harder. We did have great food, though. My mom always makes cornbread dressing from my Grandmother's old southern recipe. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. :0) Mmmmmm mmmm, good.

It keeps growing. I thought I had finished with one striped border. I was mistaken. Once I put the backing down to see if I had enough you can begs for another dark border to frame it. The pink stripes blend into the quilt a little too much for me. Anyway, I will get more backing soon and the quilting process will begin. I am going to quilt it by don't look for this to be a finished object in the near all know me too well for that anyway, don't you?

So what are you all working on for the holidays this year? Anyone already finished with their knitting for the Christmas season? hahahah That's laughable, isn't it?


Blogger Marina said...

That's truly amazing, Sharon. It's gorgeous! What do you think? Will knitting one (Afghan) be easier? Quicker?

25/11/07 13:59  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

It is gorgeous, Sharon! You're right, the second border frames it perfectly.

Sure! All done with Chrismas Knitting! Well, by 9am Christmas day at the latest.

25/11/07 14:30  
Blogger Brigitte said...

Oh, it's beautiful Sharon! I have to show it to my sister (she quilts like I knit...).

Christmas/charity knitting - it's all I'm going to be working on for most of December!

26/11/07 04:14  
Blogger Knittinreed said...

You were absolutely right in adding the darker border. It looks beautiful.
Christmas knitting? What is that? How about aiming for February?!

27/11/07 08:19  
Anonymous michele mikesell pitt said...

OH MY GOD skarin!

she's beautiful! Ive decided your a painter trapped in a quilters body... although your not really trapped - your kind of seeping. and don't linger on that.

and yes, actually - I have finished my christmas knitting. I finished before thanksgiving, because I wanted to organize my yarn and get rid of the colors I dont think I'll use anytime soon. H A HAHH AHAHHAH AH stop cringing, I dont knit remember?

I am going to take things easy in the studio for this month though - and Im really REALLY excited about that. Maybe I'll get to see you once or twice.

Speaking of which - I'll see you friday and I hope hope hope you wear the Season of Darkness and Winter Light... or let me wear it. just in the car.. PLEeeeeeeeeeease? ok.. your probably right, that might not be such a good idea.

27/11/07 17:24  
Blogger Knitman said...

Now this is stunning. I want it!

2/12/07 01:22  

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