Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ever closer

I only have ten blocks left for the center of the Pennants quilt! That means 70 down and a boat load of borders to go. I think I need more light yellows........maybe in the closet.....

One of my favorite blocks. This check material just glows. Kaffe, I love a purely platonic way, of course.

I scored this little guy at an estate sale this morning. I plan to reupholster it in some odd fashion, but I will leave the turquoise intact underneath in case I ever decide to sell it later. Nothing like a little "mid century" investment. I am still kicking myself for a chair I left on the curb when we moved a couple of years ago. I knew I would regret that one. UGH! And that is why I am a pack rat....and should most likely stay away from estate sales.

Now, since this IS a knitting blog...I have been diligently finishing my old Elizabeth I this summer. Remember her? I will have pics up soon. I am finished with the front and back and am now working both arms at the same time on one Knit Picks circular needle. It is A LOT of plain knitting and very tiny needles, so it is taking a very long time. Does anyone else get sleepy when they have to knit copious amounts of plain knitting?


Anonymous Carrie K said...

That stool is awesome. The turquoise would actually go quite well in my room now....

Almost done with the quilt! It's looking good.

You're almost done w/your Eliz? I'd actually forgotten about mine.

And yes. Especially when it's copious amounts of knitting the same sleeve on size 2 needles over and over and over again.

27/7/08 14:02  
Blogger Marina said...

I must be cursed! I knit MaryT with Carrie & she still hasn't finished. I knitted Na Craga with Gale and hers' is still a WIP. Hmm, Luskentyre ... It's a good thing I'm not knitting Elizabeth with you ;-)

28/7/08 04:16  

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