Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How time flies.......

Wow!! Has it been that long since I have written?? I think I must spend too much time reading other blogs and not enough time knitting and blogging myself. HOWEVER! I do have some new pics of in-progresses and a new one. Oh yeah, baby! I have decided to start the Butterfly from Rowan 37. Had to drive all over the metroplex to find it and the yarn and then the %@*7* beads!! Out of all the pounds of beads I own, who would know there would be nothing appropriate???? Good God!!!
Still on the house hunting search. Are all realtors crooks? I am beginning to believe that all realtors must have been used car salesmen at one time or another. Is this true?? Someone please help me understand why a buyer's agent gets this large sum of money when all they do is open a locked door so I can see the house? I don't even think I have been shown a house that I didn't find myself!!! Anyone???
Ok....must go knit to calm myself! Pictures to follow.......


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