Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Still here...

I am still here...never that the school year is over I will have more time for my WIP. I will post some new pics later today, hopefully. I am working on Starmore's Little Rivers and also Rheingold from Virtual Yarns...among other things. What a lovely design and the Hebridean is nice to work with. Much loftier than J&S. Yes, that can be good and bad, but I do like the loft and the softness.

I also recently purchased a wooley board from It is wonderful did wonders for my Mary Tudor. I wasn't sure if it would block nicely, and it really did well. I will have pics of that, too. By the way....GREAT price on it from her.

Have you checked out lately?? What a beautiful gallery. Go on...check it out!!


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