Saturday, December 17, 2005

Here it comes, ready or not!

Wow! Has the season already gotten this far without my noticing? How can that be? Wait! I DID suffer a head injury earlier this week...(flying oboes....a long and sordid tale)...that must be it. It's not that I am secretly avoiding shopping or anything. Ok. I am. I do love's just the crowds I hate. My God! The crowds. You can't even get NEAR a mall these days without getting in a traffic jam, let alone getting INTO it! But, Monday and Tuesday, here I come to join the ranks of those unlucky souls not finished with their shopping, and I WILL find the perfect presents. No matter who I have to beat up to get to them. heh No, seriously, I have a couple of prezzies on the needles that will hopefully get finished. One is Litttle Rivers by Starmore in Scottish Heather that I have been working on for my better half (or at least my voice of reason) for a very long time. I am working on arms now. Not very promising for my timeline, I know, but nevertheless. Also some hunting socks and small things........Wanna see some pics??


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