Sunday, August 21, 2005

Is it hot out here, or is it just me?

Last night I got the opportunity to sub into a really fantastic woodwind quintet. Little did I know it was going to be a two hour job outside on a stage in the blinding Texas summer heat!! Amplified. With large audience. Good Lord! I felt like it was the oboe show with woodwind backup. They assured me the mix was just fine..... but I am still not so sure. I am also pretty sure that when you make a mistake in an amplified situation the sound guy can somehow instantaneously turn that dissonant note up to about the 500 decibel range. What? I'm not kidding! BUT! Other than that and the fact that my oboe spontaneously combusted...let's not talk about the reeds........the job was really fun. :0) Ahhh, you know me...I just like to complain to hear myself type. In all serious though, the other musicians are all wonderful players and I feel honored to have been asked to play with them. I would play with them just about anywhere. (I have to draw the line at the Death Valley concert coming up next July)
Knitting.....well..let's just say that it isn't as easy to remove the waste yarn from that Butterfly ruffle as one would think. Or could it have been my raging hormones? I suddenly had the desire to throw it into the street and drive over it. MUST have been hormones and the fact that I had no business knitting with half a house still left to pack!!!!!. Anyhow, I did muddle through and get one side sewn and grafted, and the other will happen soon. I will post pics the minute she is done. Unless I throw the camera into the street and drive over IT as well.


Anonymous Rebekah said...

How very cool, and no doubt hot. I wanted to learn oboe once, a long time ago, but then stuck with french horn. which I later quit as well. But I've always kept up my piano.

22/8/05 12:14  
Anonymous Eilene said...

Still waiting to see your Butterfly...can't wait!!!

22/8/05 12:49  
Blogger Nancy said...

It ain't just you. It's just dang HOT.

26/8/05 15:17  

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