Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rhinegold is moving again.

Whooohooo! I bound off the shoulders on Rhinegold last night and will start sleeves today if I can get my husband to leave me alone. heh heh He wants to go shopping. Now isn't that a strange turn of events? I have a sneaking suspicion that aliens stole him and replaced him with this look-alike. Too bad he only wants to go to the sporting goods superstore. I have also done some more work on Little Rivers. I can only do just so much work on it and I have to stop because of the hand fatigue. It is Scottish Heather yarn and it IS bullet-proof and will be warm...but c'mon! Anyhow, the stitch definition is really great because of the gauge. That's how many of Starmore's patterns are designed. And it will look good on this alien, whoever he is. I will post some photos later.


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