Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spies among us

You guys are amazingly intuitive...or you are spies. Which is it? Yes, it is a VY kit! I looked long and hard for a sub for Elizabeth I, but wasn't happy with swatches. Tried Jaeger DK, Jaeger 4 ply and several others. Finally decided to just order from VY. I am getting the color Driftwood and a copy of the Children's Collection. Whooohooo! I will need some somewhat mindless knitting in case of a boredom emergency in rehearsals...but looking at this year's repertoire, I don't think there will be much room for diversion. First concert: (pay attention oboists) Don Juan, Pictures at an Exhibition and Brahms Violin Concerto. Ummm, help. Send reeds...or money...or maybe even bottles of alcoholic elixor. :0)
Here is what you can get out of 2 balls of Patons Kroy sock yarn. Partial BBS (big black socks). Lucky for me I have about five more balls. Talk about mindless knitting.

And the walls, they are almost done. Pretend the blue painter's tape isn't there. I will put more pics up when it is finally done and actually somewhat clean looking. Uh, or IF it is ever clean again.......

Went to the dentist today. It is one of my biggest all time fears...(besides having a semi truck or a train fall on top of me from an overpass....but that's a different problem or past life). My blood pressure was high. I was shocked. Me? I thought, "Lady, I am scared sh%^$less to be here, OF COURSE IT"S HIGH!" We took it again afterward. Normal. Anyone else scared of the dentist?


Blogger Marina said...

Although I hate going to the dentist, I've been known to fall asleep in the chair!

Elizabeth 1? I would never have guessed that! You are going to finish his Little Rivers first, aren't you ;-)

I know, I know! I'm evil for reminding you!

You're welcome here to do my walls when you're finished with yours ;-)

17/8/06 19:13  
Blogger Brigitte said...

Hey, Elizabeth I in Driftwood! That's great - I'm doing it now with Witchflower. The 2-ply Hebridean really does the design justice, beautiful stitch's an addictive pattern.

Dentist? Nope, no fear. AND I'm allergic to Novocain, so I can't be frozen. So, I always get the gas, which is probably why I have no fear!

Those walls look fabulous!

18/8/06 04:35  
Blogger Marji said...

I've never had a fear of dentists - that was until July 3 when I needed an emergency root canal. I'm still in process on completing that sucker, and spent 2 hours in dentist chair yesterday getting prepped for crown. Spent the rest of the day in residual pain. Dental assistant said "next time try to have it in a tooth closer to the front" ... excuse me, I hope there won't be a 'next time'.
Eliz I is a really fast knit. I'm loving it.

18/8/06 07:39  
Blogger Cynthia said...

yum! Eliz I is beautiful and that's a lovely color for her.

Dentist? I'd rather have major surgery with no anesthetic than go to the dentist. My blood pressure was so high last time, we had to wait 30 minutes before they'd even touch me.

18/8/06 09:54  
Blogger Carrie K said...

If nothing else, the names of VY's colors are lovely.

Not crazy about the dentist, but not afraid of them. What I am afraid of is blood pressure cuffs. I had one blow up on me as a kid (lots of surgeries) and it's scarred me for life. Sadly I have really, really low blood pressure, took a physiology class for my science requirements and ended up having EVERY SINGLE PERSON in a class of 48 taking my bp. It helped, but still. Hate it.

19/8/06 12:29  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Nope, no fear of my dentist- it's called GAS!
Actually, he tells me dirty jokes- I actually laughed through a root-canal- he is so funny!

25/8/06 10:42  
Blogger DeeAnn said...

Dentists+Nerves+High Novocaine Resistance=a big scaredy cat! I want Lorraine's dentist :)

Yeah!! The kitchen is turning out beautifully!! You have to be so pleased :) I love it!

25/8/06 20:42  
Blogger Knittinreed said...

Yeah -nice rep!!! We are doing Don Juan in WFSO the next week.

Your walls look great ~ wanna come over and do mine too :-) Could trade for reeds, not that you would want mine.

Which Eliz 1 are you doing? (Is that the 3 lace scarf collection?)

Yes - the dentist scares me too.... is that an oboe thing?

27/8/06 11:27  
Anonymous Mandy said...

So, you've put down SDWL for a while - I have a little reprieve :)

Just wanted to say that your walls look really cool! I like the color.

28/8/06 15:55  

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