Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Now you see it.....

Now you don't.

Kind of. I am just learning about wallpaper removal as you can see. We've lived with this wallpaper for a year now and I finally could take it no longer. In a fit of flower induced mania, I started ripping. And ripping. Two hours later this is what I had. Pity forced V. to go to the store and bring back wallpaper remover and various other items said to make this process easier. I will let you know. My desire for this kitchen gone hallucinogenic-garden is something like this. I love the color and the texture for a what to do with this green counter top.......

Here is the Season of Darkness and Winter Light progress. This pattern is so much fun I am barely working on anything else. The pattern emerges so quickly that it is hard to put down. Just one more row.....I have had to switch to two circulars because it is now the dreaded girth of an arm with all of the decreases. You know how much I hate working on arms. Mandy has ordered yarn and is getting ready to start hers in the original colors. It is going to be fabulous. I also didn't like the original colors but have now decided that I do like them. They are subtle and beautiful and I bet will look even better in person. She has a great entry on the season of darkness.


Anonymous Mandy said...

Dude! It looks totally awesome. I think one of the big differences between your colors and mine is that yours are much more contrast-y, so the pattern shows up wonderfully. Mine will be more subtle, and the pattern won't be as clear, but that suits my taste so it's okay.

I got my yarn today! Just barely started on my swatch, but I know there's no way I can keep up with you :) Although I guess if you're doing a whole wallpaper project maybe that buys me some time...

28/6/06 17:42  
Blogger Carrie K said...

The SoD&WL is looking fabulous. Fabulous.

Flower induced mania? lol. But it was soooo close to your dream kitchen! Not. It will looks gorgeous when you're done.

29/6/06 14:35  
Blogger Marina said...

And another was beneath it? What is wrong with people?

Those colors reminded me of a kit I have and must absolutely begin now. It's your fault if anyone asks why I'm not knitting Grant Ave. or Hank ;-)

29/6/06 19:41  

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