Monday, May 29, 2006

I've been a little busy

With teaching concluded I have had a little more knitting time. Here is the Luskentyre in a few more brief stages as I get closer to starting the arms! I thought I would never get to this point. Thanks to Marina's lessons on the Russian join, I am now using it on the neck band and will do so on the arms as well. I really like this technique. It takes a bit longer, but the results are great! Thank you, Marina.

I have also been working on V's German socks for the World Cup. Only a few days away, so I better get my a$^%s in gear. This is sock # 2, but I am working simultaneously, so sock # 1 isn't finished yet. I tend to be a little crazy about the socks matching PERFECTLY (it's a sickness), so I usually try to make them together if I have enough needles in that size. Incidentally, does it drive anyone else crazy that you can't get all the metric sizes in double points here in the US?


Blogger Marina said...

After trying "weaving in while you knit" with the Luskentyre sleeves, I can say that I'll never do that again. Yuck, that's my least favourite.

If I'm lazy or the colour is being used only for a row like the Mink in Row 16, I would just knot!

Anyway, she's looking quite gorgeous.

29/5/06 18:03  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

It does look absolutely gorgeous, and I like your shoulder joins as well- a very neat job!

30/5/06 15:22  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Your Luskentyre is looking amazing!

1/6/06 10:36  
Blogger Miss A said...

Well, it's by time...JK. Absolutely gorgeous. I am truly impressed. 29 more days before I hit TX soil...

1/6/06 16:18  

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