Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sweet Madness

There has been a little knitting going on around here. Voila! My new sock building in progress. One down, one to go. This is the Embosed Leaves pattern from IK. Lovely, eh?

I started the Pink Puzzle Wrap by Sharon Miller a few months ago. Ahhh, but you see, it's in black. So perceptive, my pretties! I am going to be working it this summer in the Amazing Lace . heh heh...that makes me laugh every time. I am easily amused. Does anyone else here remember what a Sleestack is, by the way? Or am I just that damn old?

The Luskentyre making her slow progress. Now that the symphony season is almost over there should be more time to slow down and knit a little....I'm dreaming. What oboist can rest when there are reeds to be made, I ask you? And when AREN"T there reeds to be made?

I will leave you with a small road rage story.

I was coming home after a particularly long and grueling day work. (I grueling can it get for a musician?...just bear with me). I was on a long stretch of fairly empty highway when a pick-up truck comes speeding up behind me and starts tailgating me. Now, I understand that no one likes to be behind someone else going slower than themselves. There are two lanes in case this imbecile didn't notice. One is designed ESPECIALLY for passing, although most around here use it as the slower-than-a-one-legged-bicyclist lane. Anyhow, he whips around me and hits his brakes. People, there is no one else on the road! No one. There is no cause for that. I cussed at him. Oh, yes. I are hard pressed to believe this if you know me. (shut up, Michele) Upon seeing me mouth obscenities in his rearview mirror, he held up the universal sign for a hole and he and his buddy laughed and laughed. THAT DID IT! I was willing to let it go up until this point. Even with Dr. Laura playing on my car radio. (Don't judge me, it's the only radio station up there that I can get.) But, the combination of Dr. Laura's condescention and this sign were just too much. I started frothing at the mouth and instinctively speeding up. Ok, I almost pushed my gas pedal through the floor. Think rabid here. No one calls me a hole. I pulled up next to these two twenty-something boys and spewed forth froth and curses that I had never heard the likes of. Neither had they, apparently. They hit their brakes and made an effort to stay at least one mile behind me from then on. :0) I win.


Anonymous Jess said...

I love your leaves! I just finished a pair and am considering starting another pair :o)

6/5/06 15:55  
Blogger Heide said...

The socks are beautiful! Not only do I know what a sleezstack is, but I now have the theme song from "Land of the Lost" stuck in my head. "Marshall, Will and Holly on a routine expedition, met the greatest earthquake..." Aaaah! I live in the greater Tacoma area (nothing too great about it actually) anyway, the road rage here is scary because there are lots of little punks with guns. Usually the pick up trucks are just full of rednecks, but the little thumper cars with the dark windows can be dangerous. For those of you lucky enough not to know what a thumper car is, it's a lowered sedan (usually a Honda) with enormous speakers. Sometimes only the wolfers will be used and the bass is turned up very high. Some nights while laying in bed we can feel the pits of our stomaches vibrate long before the actual thumping sound reaches our ears. On hot summer days these vehicles invariably end up next to or behind you at a stop light. It's really hard not to look because of the noise, but eye contact with the drivers isn't recommended. My only consolation is that they will all be deaf someday. Sorry for the lengthy definition. Happy knitting.

6/5/06 19:00  
Blogger Tigers said...

The socks look great, they are on my to do list.

I remember the Sleestack, that was one of my favourite shows on a Saturday morning as a kid!

Your lace is looking beautiful - as always.

6/5/06 20:44  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Bwahahahaha! I love your road rage story. V funny. The socks are gorgeous too. And the black puzzle! Whew. Black KSH. I always knew oboists were made of stern stuff! *g* I don't remember Sleestack, but it's ok, 'cause I'm older than you. :)

6/5/06 22:51  
Blogger Sharon said...

I love the leaves socks, the colours are awesome, they are definately on my to do list.

He he you go girl, give those cheeky little buggers what for!!!

In response to your comment on my blog, yes there is a swinging bridge at the Launceston Gorge which is what I think you are referring to.

7/5/06 00:07  
Blogger Marina said...

Dear Ms. S. Ewe,

After much observation of your knitting habits, I have come to conclusion that if you just gave up knitting socks, lovely though they are, for a month or so, you will have more than enough time to complete Luskentyre, Rhinegold and Little Rivers.

Yours sincerely,

the W. Ewe

PS what are the chances that I will read that it's too hot to knit Fair Isles and Arans in the summer?c

7/5/06 08:38  
Blogger RheLynn said...

Beautiful socks (and lace, and fair-isle!) WOW! (just stumbled in and am staring in awe ;o)

8/5/06 21:10  
Blogger Lynda said...

Luskentyre is unbelievable.... gorgeous...

Sleestak! I haven't thought about Land of the Lost for years!!

15/5/06 15:33  

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