Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Socks and Socks and Stupidity

Thanks guys, for all of your kind words about my stupidity of not checking yardage. I am at fault, I must admit it. But if anybody wants to step up and take the blame I am all for placing it somewhere else...and believe it or not, Shelley and Tom Jones, (my mom loves you, by the way, can I get some free tickets to a Vegas show?), I do in fact know some people that might benefit from my sock, but I was really hoping to finish for my sockapaloooza pal, da#$%n it! On a happy note, I have at least two people who have unselfishly offered to brave the cold in Germany and search unendingly for my sock yarn. Ok, they offered to look if they were out...but hey, it's better than nothin'.

While I am patiently waiting, I have been working on my Luskentyre, (look proof), and I started my Pomotomus sock for the Pomotomus Along. Cool, huh? It is such a fun and fast pattern and I LOVE the way it is turning out. Keepin' this one for my selfish little feet.


Blogger Marina said...

I love those socks ... reminds me of ocean waves.

The Luskentyre is really growing.

28/3/06 14:22  
Anonymous julia childs said...

I want a Pomotomunus for christmas. Cool socks..mmm scallop-ee.. did someone say potatoes? Cool though seriously. Congratulate your selfish little feet for their current acquisition, because my jealous little wrists are hanging out here in the cold waiting for some warmers still.. AND WHERE THE HECKS MY CHRISTMAS HAT???

ok.. I guess I should email you my rants.

http://www.addisonarts.com Im so mad at you for not dropping everything in your life in order to fulfill MY NEEDS!!!

Tom told me he's out of free tickets for your type.

29/3/06 19:26  
Blogger lexa said...

I made Pomatomus for the Knitting Olympics. I liked the pattern a lot, but I think my yarn was too variagated. I am going to try them again at some point using a solid or almost solid yarn (something like yours!)

29/3/06 19:33  

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