Thursday, March 16, 2006

The caterpillar transforms.....

into a butterfly. This is obviously before blocking which will take place later today or tomorrow. I am pretty happy with the way the color changes are matching up, but it was certainly no accident. It took a lot of spit splicing. :0) I ended up making the sleeve cap a litttle longer for comfort. I HATE tight sleeves....and what with my steely biceps...ok..flabby. But I'm workin' on it, ok? Summer is coming. The pretuberances that look like sleeves are actually the fronts that have been grafted at the shoulders already. It will make for a very spacious blocking area needed. (Was that a sentence?)

This is the progress on my Sockapalooza sock. I love the colors Love, love, love. As you can see, it is the Six Sockalong pattern like the Olympic pair sans beads.


Blogger Marina said...

You people! I'm glad I've mostly given up spit-splicing Noro since I always end up with bits that I'm reluctant to throw away.

The sock is really coming along. Gorgeous!

16/3/06 14:54  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Oh, very nice. I'm in love with Aqua these days- it must be spring!

16/3/06 15:51  
Blogger lexa said...

I loooovvvveeee the color of your socks! Absolutely beautiful!

17/3/06 10:24  
Blogger lexa said...

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17/3/06 10:24  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Yay for being almost done!! I love those socks - great color :o)

17/3/06 18:40  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Sharon, you *must* be the Sharon I know from KBTH, yes? I mean, how many knitting oboists named Sharon are there? *g*

What *gorgeous* work you do! I am so competely impressed!

Great Burtterfly.

And I have to say that Rheingold is one of my absolute favorites. How do you find working with the Starmore yarns? I have never used them, but I hear they are well worth the price. Do you like the way it is turning out?

18/3/06 15:16  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Hee. There should be spellcheck on this thing! Also, brain check. Is there such a thing? Okay, so I meant Butterfly. Yes, Butterfly, not Burtterfly. And big D'oh! You'd think I would put down the correct url for my website, wouldn't you? *sigh*

Knit on! :)

18/3/06 22:59  
Anonymous Candace said...

Those are gorgeous socks! Nicely done! I love the butterfly sweater, too.
I admire your patience and precision!

21/3/06 05:19  
Blogger Soggy Desert Rat said...

Love the sock - fan & feather?

22/3/06 14:14  

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