Sunday, March 05, 2006

Look what I got!!

Sunshine Yarns I have received all of these in the last few weeks. They are even better in person. The first three are from Brooklyn Handspun in City Sunset, Flickering Flame, and Purple Rain. The other two are from Sunshine Yarns in Violets and Love. OOOOhh, aren't they wonderful? I highly recommend them both for excellent service and inspiring colorways. Just in time for all of the sock groups I have joined. My sockapalooza pal will receive one of these. Hmmm....which one? And I haven't forgotten my Red Hot Sizzlin'Socks, either. Updates soon to come.
glow in the dark Here we have the latest pair of long overdue UFO socks for my husband and what could turn out to be the World's Ugliest Pair of Socks. They have been on the needles for MONTHS! I think it is because there is no pattern to keep me interested. Or the fact that I have to rest my eyes with a cold compress after 15 minutes of knitting with this green! But, they are almost done. Perhaps by tonight. I am trying really hard to get a few UFOs finished so I can concentrate on my bigger projects (Rhinegold, Luskentyre...I hear you calling) and also my stealth project. I see some of you have already looked in my Flickr account and may have an idea....any brave guesses? You don't count, Michele. :0)
What the.....hell?? And last, but certainly not least, this is why I almost wrecked my car on the way to a performance last night. I ask you, who wouldn't drive across three lanes of traffic to get to this?


Blogger Marina said...

I counted 5 sock thingies/groups. Doesn't look like you have much time for Fair Isle :-( but I have to admit, the yarn looks lovely.

5/3/06 13:41  

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