Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Contrary to popular belief...

spring break is not for rest. I thought at least it would be restful, possibly. I was wrong.I may not be teaching, but there is certainly plenty to be done. All those little things that are tossed aside during busy times...well I won't go into it. No need in making you anxious, too. :0)

The good news is that I have been able to do tons of planting. Flowers and lots of herbs around the backyard. The weather has been just great to get it all done this week. It will be our first summer in this place and I really wanted a lovely herb garden to use for cooking. We have limited space, but I think the borders will work pretty well. So far I have rosemary, chives, basil, oregano, sage, mint and of course peppers and some tomatoes. Keep your fingers crossed for them and my "black thumb of death" for all things green.

I finished my square for Jef and will be mailing it today or tomorrow. I chose a pattern called close-woven basket lattice out of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker to depict the close-woven comeraderie of knitters that it takes to make a project like this work. I hope he enjoys his treasure and comforts him as it was meant to do.

On another note, I am just going to have to add an entry into the sidebar of things seen "only in Texas". On the way home from a concert last Friday, my driving partner Sharon and I spyed these great sights. Look very closely at the truck and tell me what you see.....

Now back to our regualrly scheduled Sockapalooza sock has made a transformation from a Jaywalker to a lacy pattern after frogging several times. The gauge wasn't coming out right and after further investigation, she has several pair anyway. So, I decided on a tried and true pattern which is turning out great in this colorway I showed in an earlier post. I have also done a little work on a long forgotten friend, Butterfly in Noro Knits from the Noro Silk Garden in the red colorway.

All I have left is a sleeve and some seams. Why did I put that away? Well, after finishing and not heeding others' warnings, the sleeves came out about a foot too long and I frogged them. I rekintted one, started the other and lost interest. Now I am on a mission. I must finish this week. Also, Luskentyre is on the couch waiting patiently for me to continue her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your square. I was just about to cast on for a square using my sweater remnants. Hmmm, maybe I'll try this one. Oh, I know what I see hanging off that truck, but I'm not tellin'. ;)


15/3/06 12:56  
Anonymous aunt merle said...

that's a lovely square... Can you spare a square for me? Do you have a square to spare? I would wrap it around my wrist to keep it warm. Really you never cease to amaze me with your work. And your texas photo-journalism. I have a pair of those for my lil wagon.. only their blue. what does that even mean?

15/3/06 16:16  
Anonymous george bush said...

and also.. that blue square deal is really the nicest thing ever... I love that.

15/3/06 20:56  
Blogger Marina said...

I love your square. It's beautiful that so so much thought went into it.

We have 2 more weeks b4 Spring Break.

16/3/06 02:55  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

That's a beautiful square :o)

I see those on trucks up here all the time...we have a high redneck ratio ;o)

17/3/06 18:34  

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