Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy Ending???

I think not. This is my first finished sock from my next pair. Great, right?
Wrong. I realized it is 60 grams from a 100 gram ball! I am screwed! I just put word out on a couple of Yahoo groups that I am looking for another ball.

It came from Germany...a couple of years ago. I am screwed! My last hope is someone out there in Germany can find some scraps or my family in Germany can find a ball somewhere. It is Rodel Sport and Strumpfwolle color 17440......ya know, just in case....

I think I will take this opportunity to work on Rhinegold and Luskentyre.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Wow - I hope you can find some more of that sock yarn because it's beautiful! And your colorwork - wow again!

25/3/06 12:24  
Anonymous Janet said...

What about ripping back the toe on the first sock for 10 grams and using a coordinating color for both toes?

25/3/06 13:47  
Blogger Marina said...

Ugh! I hope you find some even though it looks like a long shot.

Welcome back Rheingold and Luskentyre ;-) You're gorgeous.

26/3/06 03:33  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Nothing is screwed- there is someone out there somewhere who has what you're looking for- I wish it was me, but sorry.
Your Fair Isles are completely gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what's next.

26/3/06 07:50  
Anonymous Candace said...

Hey, that's some beautiful colorwork! Congratulations!
And for the socks, ouch! There will be a workable solution, though. You just have to be patient. I think every knitter has (or will) run into a situation like that, unfortunately.

26/3/06 08:28  
Anonymous Latoya said...

I agree with Janet's suggestion. Ripping back the toe and then also using a contrasting color for the heels.

Good luck!
Knit on!

26/3/06 11:39  
Blogger Tigers said...

Oh No!
It's a beautiful sock.
If worse comes to worse you could reknit it with contrasting heels and or toes.
Oh or even on just the next sock. C'mon, who's gonna know?

I hope you find the yarn.

27/3/06 22:21  
Blogger Shelley said...

Sorry to hear that about your sock. How frustrating! If you can't find any more of that yarn, maybe you could donate it to an organization that deals with amputees and they could give it to someone who only has one foot...I'm sure they would love it.

Your other knitting looks fabulous!! I am in awe of that work! Maybe some day I can do something like that...

28/3/06 08:17  
Anonymous tom jones said...

I'm with shelley.. that would be one lucky amputee. You could also make one a bootie and call it neo-post modern and say your making a statement about dichotomies and dualities... and the contrast between sizes is like the contrast of pre-bush united states and post bush united states. You could also make one smaller and market them at your local pro golf shop. oh hey...Im trying to lose 10 oz.. maybe I'll be lucky enough to lose it my right foot and I can have them.

28/3/06 09:16  

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