Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Weekend pics

Here is a pre-concert shot Friday night. hehehe I always love these sneaky shots. Notice how no one looks nervous at all. It was a pretty straight forward concert for the woodwinds. Just a lot of endurance. The soloist, Stirling Trent did a FANTASTIC job on the Sibelius. Bravo!

Here are some [pics of the Sunday party. It was a blast despite the deluge outside. It made for a cozy time, but fun was had by all.

And a pic of my newly turned heel for my sock pal. I really am enjoying this pattern.

I will be starting the Pomatomus along any day now. Thanks for letting me join Candace!! It looks like a really fun pattern. Now, just to choose the right color....which will be from my stash of course. And not started until I finish these socks because I have also joined Wipeout! . My WIP are multiplying and I must get a handle on them. What better way than to puclicly humiliate myself by admitting to them?


Anonymous the newest american idol said...

does it bother anybody that in the middle of these concerts your standing up like a japanese tourist snapping pictures?

on the side note Im incredibly bummed I missed the free food.... I mean.. the company.. I mean..Im so bummed I missed the company. h a ha hah a your a punk and I just because you knit good doesnt make me love you any less.

21/3/06 19:12  
Blogger Sarah said...

hey I noticed you were using a SP7 button that I designed...cool!

21/3/06 19:40  

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