Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring has sprung least in my backyard. Tomorrow it will be over as summer begins. :0) Ok, not really, but this is the south where spring FEELS less than a week long. Look at that oregano and thyme! Yippeee! Grow baby, grow.

I went to Victoria's yesterday because I received this in the mail (Happy Birthday to me!), and bought these along with other goodies I WON'T show. But I will tell you that the girl that sold them to me said that these undies are like a party in your pants. Aaaahhahaha. She DID say that. You think I am lying, don't you? A party in your pants. Michele, you listenin, girl?

Cute, aren't they? I can't wear them around my pets. They are all afraid of these pants. I am NOT kidding. My parrot is so afraid of them she won't come near me if I have them on. ....Could it be that I need to buy more colors besides black? It IS slimming, you know.

I finished one Pomatomus with Sunshine Yarn in Violets and am starting the other in a few minutes. I am sure I will do more of these little beauties. They are really fun and a great fit. I just can't take a good photo because of the tree trunk effect I always get photograhing my own leg. It is just too horrifying. You see that too many times and start believing.....oooh. Gives me shivers.


Anonymous Latoya said...

I loooove the pajamas. I can't believe that the parrot doesn't seem to like them. Maybe its a nature thing with the colors and all.
That sock is gorgeous, too!
Knit on!

2/4/06 08:13  
Anonymous Candace said...

Hey! Those pomatomus are fabulous! And you're so fast! (I think you're racing along ahead of all of us...)
Well done!

2/4/06 18:13  
Anonymous the 2nd illest shorty said...

so how's that party going? When are WEEEEEE gonna go shopping? Last time I think we went shopping together it was for a muffin at 7-11.

nice socks... I wonder if you solved the short yarned sock fiasco? Do post the solution mi patite belle.

6/4/06 15:56  
Anonymous Al Gore said...

Nice Jammy's... I have a matching pair.

6/4/06 15:58  

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