Sunday, April 09, 2006

What I did this weekend.

Look what we have here....

finished Pomatumuses...or would that be a couple of Pomatomi? Whooohooo, I love the fit. I love the yarn! I finished them in the car this morning while I waited for my first concert of the day at 8:30. Yes...that would be am. Blinding sunshine, not enough coffee in the world and nasty people already on the road at 8am. Actually, those a#$^%les on the road were not ALREADY on the road, but probably STILL on the road. heh heh Anyway, they are done. Now back to my scheduled unraveling of the green sockapalooza socks...because this IS unraveled AGAIN! And I have heels and toes to make!

Want to see pics from the show? What we have here folks is an Easter pagent. I know it looks like a Styx concert (Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto), but I promise it is Pontius Pilate.......or at least that's what I picked up between the muffled snickers (mine, of course). I think this may qualify for the "only in Texas file". What do you think?

I also got to meet this little sweetheart. I'm in love. I think the only thing that will keep me from running away with him is the fear that he might relieve himself on my living room floor like he did on stage this morning. heh heh heh

I also went to Mount Vernon with my friend Elvan. We saw this on the way into town. I don't know why she is there. I just know it was marvelously entertaining to us. We were there to do a little fundraising for Mount Vernon Music by selling beautiful flowers donated by Elvan's husband. Our friends, Mark and Ute have started Mount Vernon Music in an effort to provide the area with fantastic musicians and music. We wish you the best success!!!!!


Blogger Marina said...

Oh come on, I think those guys look great! About those cows, we have multi-coloured pigs here in Cincinnati.

I hope you've been spending some time with Luskentyre. I've nearly finished the 3rd repeat.

9/4/06 14:55  
Anonymous Candace said...

I am Spartacus! OK. Maybe not. The Pomatomi (?) look great!
We have big, fancy dinosaurs all over Pittsburgh. Many of them are fashioned to be caricatures of local historical people (yeah, I know. Wierd).

10/4/06 09:39  
Blogger Tigers said...

Waving Hi :)
The socks are gorgeous!
I want to try them one day, seems like everyone is knittin' them!

And the donkey, what a cutie!
(hmm, pondering spinning potential of the mane)

11/4/06 01:15  

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