Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mondays are not ALL blue.

I came home from a late day and look what was waiting on me! This is a surprise gift from Marina. Thanks so much! I adore the stitch markers and of course the chocolate and look at the little skein. All will be put to very good use-immediately in some cases. (chocolate) tee hee heee Love it.

I also had this wonderful spindle waiting on me. Of course I had to try it out immediately. Spins great and I think I will try some lace-weight on it.

I am making some headway on *The Socks*. Unravelled miles of the first sock this morning and am about to start the second heel. I think it will actually look better than feared at first. I was really worried about it, but the more I get to secretly know my sock pal through her blog, the more I think she will like it. (fingers crossed here)


Blogger Shelley said...

Lucky you, look at that gift! I've never done any spinning or used a spindle...is it hard to do? Are spindles expensive?

25/4/06 15:19  
Blogger miss a said...

Hey you! Please write and let me know your email address b/c I can't find yours anywhere. Thanks!


25/4/06 17:38  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Hey, I got one of those from Marina too! Alas, my chocolate wasn't around long enough to get a picture....

26/4/06 15:49  
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