Sunday, May 28, 2006

Amazing Lace


This is my good friend and partner in crime, Pink Puzzle Wrap by Sharon Miller in black Kidsilk Haze. I call her Pinkie. We have been friends now for quite a while. It has been a love/hate relationship for the two of us with misunderstandings that split us up for weeks at a time. With a little therapy here and there we have managed to keep our partnership from completely unraveling so far. We have done a little traveling together. I work and she comes along for support. I think that support is the main reason our relationship has weathered the tough times so far. She has been there for me through long lines, students not showing up for lessons, traffic that just will not move, never-ending rehearsals and just the day to day passing of time. I really don’t know what I would do without her. We are both looking forward to the Amazing Lace and hope that these tests of endurance and strength will only bring us together to a high point and/or culmination in our partnership. This is our last chance and we grasp the challenge with both hands.


Blogger Marina said...

Gorgeous! I can see why you did "Pinkie" in black. She'll look grea with your fabulous tan.

4/6/06 03:36  
Blogger miss a said...

you're hilarious

25/6/06 14:45  

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