Sunday, June 11, 2006

Never come home empty handed.

Well, I went home to visit a little and wha did I find? I find that I can't go home and not buy yarn. :0) Hmmm, what's this? And what is it intended to become?

A little update on the arm situation. A little progress, but not much. I find myself dreaming of new projects already, but I will persevere. I love the juxtaposition of the two colorways together. The yarns are so very different. The Luskentyre is J & S and the Rhinegold is VY, so there is a huge difference in the hand of the yarn as well as the gauge. The Virtual Yarns is a little more bulky and softer. It is absolutely luscious to work with. The Jamieson and Smith is a finer yarn. To my eye and hand it is slightly finer than Jamieson and Campion, which I find to be interchangable. I used Jamieson on Saga Rose and Jamieson and Campion on Mary Tudor. The color selection of J&S is fabulous and it should bloom really well once it is blocked. We will wait and see. Anyone else want to chime in?

Here are the heels on the German World Cup socks. Almost done. They have been getting the most attention since the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Besides, I was warned that if Germany lost before these socks were finished, it is all my fault. Who can live with that kind of pressure? ;0)


Blogger Carrie K said...

That yarn is so pretty! And the sweaters are just too too gorgeous. I've got to make a FI. And I sadly have no opinion on J&S, VY or J&C since I've never used any of their yarns. Ha! Clearly I need stash enhancement.

Oh no! You can't let Germany down like that. I hear the French are supposed to be the favorite.

12/6/06 09:22  
Blogger Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

I do have strong opinions on all three- Jamieson's being my yarn of choice. The J&S colors are not as saturated- more heathery. The VY is indeed lovely, but thicker, and of course, not as available.

15/6/06 10:31  
Anonymous junie said...

Ah Ha! I stopped by to see the great stuff you are working on.

Boy, those Fair Isles are lovely. I have had Lusky stashed for 10, (yes I said 10), years as well as Cold Duck. Both J&S yarn in those huge hanks they used to sell. I have 5 VY kits I haven't done and on and on...I need to de-stash,knit faster and live longer.

Those socks are a knock-out!

16/6/06 10:44  
Blogger Sonya said...

Sharon, your Fair Isle projects are just gorgeous! I'm inspired. I haven't used any of the yarns you mentioned. But I hope to soon!

16/6/06 18:09  

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