Friday, June 30, 2006

What was I thinking?

Does everyone pause in the middle of remodeling and wonder "just what the hell was I thinking?" ? Truly? Three days in and we are seeing more layers. Even a little 70's paneling. Oh, yeah, baby. I am scared that if I dig too far I may find some smokey mirrors. heh. Must keep my mind on the finished outcome, right? If all else fails I can knit some wallpaper, I suppose.

I thought I would add insult to injury and start my Red Hot Sizzling Socks...since the deadline was extended to July 15. Yea! I had such good intentions. Even created an impossible design. But, alas, my startitis got the best of me. I did cast on tho, and it will another pair of Pomatomus socks in Slayer by Sweet Georgia Yarns. It is a really cool, or should I say hot, colorway. Reds, wines and some purples thrown in.


And of course, my SODAWL update. Love this yarn. Tried to order more, but got no reply. That seems really strange, so I may try to call it in tomorrow. I need to get one more ball in each because it seems as if I may run short. If not, no problem, but better safe than sorry.


Blogger DeeAnn said...

That is just one gorgeous design, I'm loving watching it unfold.

Ain't remodeling grand? It's exhausting, cuts into knitting time, and is usually a bit more than you bargain for, but the reward at the end is so worth it! Good luck :)

30/6/06 16:50  
Blogger Laritza said...

Thanks for you praise on my shawl! I truly admire stranded color knitting that is something I have done but do not really enjoy. Love your bird! What is she? Mine is an M2 of all things....he has the same memory issues as your girl does, yeap! they pretend.

1/7/06 12:30  
Anonymous Mandy said...

I've been delayed a little because I needed to go buy another circular needle - so I'm still working on the swatch, but will be posting soon with a pic of the colors!

I LOVE this yarn - I'm so glad I'm using it.

Yours looks wonderful. It's so exciting! How much yarn have you used already?

1/7/06 19:45  
Blogger miss a said...


1/7/06 22:32  
Blogger miss a said...

I meant bee-yoo-tee-full...lest you think I can't spell. ha!

1/7/06 22:33  
Blogger Marina said...

I love those allover type designs. I might just take the stitch design and use it in a plain tunic.

2/7/06 07:31  
Blogger Marji said...

gorgeous design and colorway.
I think it would look marvelous knit up as wallpaper ;)

2/7/06 11:57  
Blogger Carrie K said...

It would look lovely as wallpaper, wouldn't it? And it would be such a quick project. About the time it would normally take to finish any remodeling job.

What's with that anyway? The Law of Unintended Consequences?

Your SODAWL is gorgeous. I hope you got a hold of them for more yarn. Is it Canada Day? 4th of July? National It's Summer And I Don't Want To Work?

3/7/06 13:56  
Blogger vanessa said...

like a beautiful brocade, it is stunning!

7/7/06 10:14  
Anonymous Jodie said...

I am a Buffy fan, and I love the Slayer colorway. I think your socks are going to turn out great.

I also wanted to tell you about a webring for Musicians Who Knit and Crochet. Check it out here.

We've been doing a ton of remodeling on our new house, and I totally understand the "what was I thinking" part. Hopefully today we'll get our kitchen painted.

9/7/06 11:52  

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