Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Season of Darkness aWL update

Moving along a little faster now. I have had some time between lessons and such to get going on it......

as well as work on some other (ahem!) languishing projects.

Stash enhancement from a private seller on the net. I have no self restraint. I admit it freely.

I also just picked up an interlibrary loan. It is A Silkworker's Notebook by Cherl Kolander. Very fascinating. I thought it would only be about the spinning process of silk, but it is so much more. This book contains information about the history and trade of silk, but the main focus seems to be on the properties, functions and types of silk. It also has info on raising silkworms. No, I am not considering it. :0) A great read I highly recommend if you are interested in silk whether it is knitting, weaving or whatever the case may be. I suggest a library though as it is going for quite a bit these days because it is OOP.


Blogger Marina said...

The more I look at that SoDaWL, the more I love it but then, I'm a s*cker for a nice allover pattern! I think it'll look great in a tunic.

Helloo Rheingold! Happy to see a bit of light? How's your friend Luskentyre?

19/7/06 18:43  
Blogger Sharon said...

Self restraint?? What is that?? So glad to hear that I am not the only one.

Lovely knitting you have there too.

19/7/06 18:59  
Blogger aija said...

Inspiring knitting.

20/7/06 08:49  
Anonymous Mandy said...

Oooooo... fabuloso! Argh, I'm working as fast as I can on my lace top to get it done. My SDWL keeps looking at me from across the room, feeling forlorn. Don't worry, little WIP, I'll be back for you soon!

20/7/06 14:23  
Blogger DeeAnn said...

Wow, doesn't every inch of SODAWL just make you love it more? It does me just looking at the pictures! Ahhh Rheingold, that one is on my top 5 list but I just can't wear the colors. Too bad they don't offer other options. I'll enjoy it vicariously through yours :-)

21/7/06 16:58  
Blogger trek said...

Hey, Gryffindor red and gold!

25/7/06 12:21  
Blogger randi K design said...

Wow, what a pro you are! Beautiful knitting!

29/12/07 21:12  

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